JetDock Releases New PWC Floating Dock & Boat Lift Designs for 2008


Everyday PWCs Now Topping 1000 lbs! 

       JetDock is proud to announce new 2008 PWC Dock designs to handle the largest, heaviest pwcs entering the market.  With more buoyancy and most models with the built-in winch tower, the 2008 JetDock pwc dock designs will comfortably dry-dock even the new 4-stroke, 3-passenger pwcs that weigh in excess of 1,000 pounds!  Already have a JetDock?  Don't worry - all JetDocks are fully modular, changeable and expandable!

            FOUR-STROKE, 3-PASSENGER PWCS NOW CAN EXCEED 1,000 POUNDS!  Currently, the movement in the market place is for faster, more stable and powerful PWCS.  These watercraft have heavy 4-stroke low-emission engines, large deep-V hull structures, high fuel capacities and expanded, generous seating and storage capabilities on board. That means they're heavier - lots heavier.  Yesterday's stand-up Jet Ski's(R) weighed as little as 200 pounds.  The first sit-down pwcs were around 400 pounds, then grew to 500, 600 and 700 pounds.  Recently, the 4-stroke models, fully fueled, are easily 800, 900, even 1000 pounds!  JetDock has added buoyancy in the stern of our pwc docks to handle the weight, and most models now come with our trusted, heavy-duty winch tower system located in the bow of the dock.  These towers have been in service with our Boat Dock systems for years on stern drive boats up to 6,000 pounds.  So you KNOW it will work for your pwc!


      GOOD NEWS FOR CURRENT JETDOCK OWNERS.  Getting a new, heavier craft?  Your existing JetDock design may very well work.  Test it out on your own to see if the stern SURFACE of your JetDock is entirely above-water while the craft is fully dry-docked.  Or Contact Us in advance and we'll check our records.  Need more buoyancy?  No problem.  Your JetDock can be upgraded in a number of ways.  Your JetDock representative will provide a knowledgeable recommendation.  No need to toss your dry-docking solution and start over.  Imagine if you had purchased a limited capacity davit system or a  one-piece drive on dock that isn't modular like JetDock.  You'd own a white elephant!



      Most JetDock models for 2008 will come complete with our Winch Tower System.  The winching mechanism is raised higher above the deck to give you the correct pulling angle to winch up disabled craft (or when you drive-up short).  And the Winch Tower is fully convertible for use on a Boat Class dock system, so if you sell your pwcs someday and move up to a boat, you've already got this important component!



      So, whether you already have a JetDock PWC design that you would like to upgrade for a new craft, or if you are still in the market for your first PWC Dock, you can be assured that JetDock has the dock you will need today, and the flexibility that you will need in the future.


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