Speed boat on a floating boat lift
What is JetDock?

JetDock Systems manufactures a wide range of specialized floating boat lifts and drive-on docking systems for a wide variety of watercraft. Our headquarters and manufacturing operations is located in Cleveland, OH and we also have boat list dealers all over the world.

Advantages of JetDock Boat Lifts and Floating Docks

Our systems make boating easier and more enjoyable with their ease of customization and operation. A JetDock solution has many advantages over other lift options including their versatility, durability, boat accommodation, and safety. Spend less time turning cranks and more time on the water with our simple and safe drive-on lift system. JetDock owners estimate that they find themselves being able to use their watercraft up to 3 times more after purchase due to the ease of use and ownership of our drive-on lift systems and floating dock solutions.

Graphic for a drive on boat dock

JetDock systems are versatile

JetDock’s can be used for as walkways or drive-on docks that are both extremely lightweight and durable - making traditional boat lift technology obsolete. Fully portable, modular, and interchangable, our floating boat lifts operate in any water conditions including deep or shallow water and saltwater or freshwater. JetDock boat lifts are designed to work effectively in any kind of tide, current change, or even waves.

maintenance free boat lifts symbol with wrench

Our boat lifts and floating dock systems are durable and virtually maintenance free

All JetDock systems are made with quality materials that are non-polluting, resistant to utlraviolet damage, require no electricity, and are non-corroding. JetDock’s design also makes them easy to transport without the use of a trailer. Spend more time enjoying life on the water and less time maintaining and hauling your boat lift with JetDock.

270 degree symbolizing the walk around platform on floating boat dock

Owning a JetDock system makes maintaining your boat easier

With a 270° walk-around platform, JetDock systems make fueling, servicing, covering, and securing your boat a breeze! Safely perform maintenance on your boat without worrying about your footing.

Symbol showing JetDock floating docks and lifts work with a variety of watercrafts

JetDock works with a variety of watercraft

Whether your prized boat is a powerboat, dinghy, kayak, Jet Ski, sea plane, or pontoon boat - a JetDock boat lift is the solution for you. We offer different systems for different boat styles including static, air-assisted, and multi-hull. Our custom-designed boat lifts can also accommodate most boat lengths, making them one of the most versatile boat lift options in the world!

Floating boat docks in customized shapes including t-shape and u-shape

Customize your JetDock

With JetDock, your floating boat dock and boat lift systems are designed to suit your watercraft needs. With its modular design, JetDock systems are available in any size, arrangement, or shape. Need to change your floating walkway to accommodate more boats? Transform your “T”-shaped dock to a “U”-shaped dock easily to customize your dock as needed.

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