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Dock Builder Contractors & Jet Dock Dealers

Dock building contractors are uniquely suited to be good Jet Dock dealers, especially for the jet ski dock or jet ski drive on dock products which are currently a headache to you and your business. You are already succeeding in one of the world's hardest business -- dock building. It's time to add something easy that has excellent profit potential for you!

Expense of Traditional Jet Ski Docks

Many of your yacht customers have asked you for docks and lifts for their waterside "toys." You have experimented with many options: piling-mounted swivel lifts, elevator lifts, 4-posters, etc. But you quickly found providing jet ski docks to be a very clumsy piece of your business. It was just as capital, permit, and labor-intensive as your primary business, and every bit as detail oriented, sometimes with even more maintenance headaches than your major projects. All this for the privilege of a small revenue sale with low profits! That is because constructed boat lifts do not lend themselves as readily to jet ski docks and lifts for "toys" as they do for large watercraft and yachts.

Increase Profits and Overhead with Jet Dock

With a Jet Dock boat lift, jet ski dock or drive-on floating dock, you are no longer acting as a traditional dock builder. You are acting as more of a "high-dollar item" retailer with a dock building background. Your site time, labor, delivery, install, and costs will be a fraction of usual, your customer complaints and callbacks will be virtually non-existent, and product stocking is simple due to the interchangeable Jet Dock modules for boat lifts, jet ski docks, and jet ski drive on docks. With Jet Dock, you can add high-profit potential to your existing infrastructure with virtually no capital investment or ongoing capital drain.


You may have once dreaded dealing with your customers' toys. Now, you can make real profit servicing their dry-docking needs with a jet ski dock or jet ski drive on dock from Jet Dock. And, while you're at it, you can expand your market exposures to get more and more of the work that contributes to your capital investments. To get started, complete the Jet Dock Dealer Application today. It will be sent to us for immediate processing and reply. Thank you for your interest.


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