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JetDock Systems, Inc. has been awarded General Services Administration contract #A7QSWA24D000G for selling to the United States government, armed forces and other Federal Agencies. This Contract pre-determines a rate for the government, creates an ease-of-purchase process at, and pre-registers our Company as a government provider. The "GSA" pricing is also extended to state and local agencies.

The JetDock floating dock systems allow government agencies to create waterside facilities that are environmentally friendly, and modular, changeable and portable. JetDock boat lifts provide dry-docking and launching for government response boats in seconds, together with excellent access for hull and engine maintenance, cleaning and covering without removing the vessel from active service. And JetDock's Lifetime Warranty guarantees the product will be around for years of deployment. JetDock customers include the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Customs, US Air Force, US Army, US Marines, Federal and State Drug Enforcement, Homeland Security, Marine Law Enforcement, Fire Response teams, Parks and Recreation departments, the US Fish & Wildlife Agency, etc.

The Federal, State and local government agencies need more than just a dock or boat lift. They need the access, modularity, portability and durability of the the JetDock watercraft management system. With the awarded GSA contract, GSA website and JetDock's dedicated government sales department, ordering our products has never been easier! For government sales, contact 1.877.GSA.DOCK or by email.


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