Construction Contractors: The Perfect Jet Dock Boat Lift Dealers

Construction contractors are well-prepared to be successful Jet Dock dealers. Many boat lift dealers and boat dock dealers are single-focused, salty operators. This is good for in-season and good market economies, but during the off-season or off-times, the construction contractor is more diversified by having cultivated interior, exterior and varied markets to maintain a healthy, professional business.

You may have attempted being a boat lift dealer or boat dock dealer before. You may have found it to be a very clumsy business: slow sales cycle, capital-, permit- and labor-intensive, detail oriented, maintenance headaches, etc., all without sufficient margins. That is because of the nature of the constructed boat lifts you may have been dealing with.

With Jet Dock, you really are not a traditional boat lift dealer or boat dock dealer. You are actually more of a "high-dollar item" retailer with a service component backdrop: a) your customers are normally successful, rather well-to-do people who will prefer to have you "turnkey" the delivery and installation; b) your site time and labor costs are a fraction of what you are used to with most construction projects; c) your "callbacks" and detail headaches are virtually non-existent due to the non-mechanical, non-cosmetic floating boat lift and dock system design by Jet Dock, and d) your stocking requirements are simple or nil due to the modular, interchangeable, never-obsolete modules. With Jet Dock, you can add high profit potential to your existing infrastructure with virtual no capital investment or on-going capital drain.

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