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Cold Weather Boat Lifts & Icy Conditions

Boating during cold winter months can present big challenges for boaters, especially when rivers and lakes freeze over in subzero temperatures. Docking your boat on the frozen water can always be extremely challenging and traditional stationary lifts and docks are often destroyed during icy conditions. Jet Dock's shallow-drafting, durable modules help solve ice problems.

iced in conditions for Jet Dock boat lifts

Docking in Ice

Most cold climate customers leave their Jet Dock boat docks and PWC lifts in ice for the winter. So long as you do not have "moving" ice that can tear the dock away or bang it up against another structure, the Jet Dock is perfectly fine to leave iced-in during winter weather. Unlike mechanical lifts, your Jet Dock does not have to be removed and land stored during the winter. For cold water boating enthusiasts, Jet Dock boat lifts save a lot of time and money during the winter months.

Modular and Portable Design

The best option is to remove and winterize your boating equipment if you’re not planning to use it once cold temperatures hit. If you choose to store your Jet Dock boat lift indoors for the winter, it’s easy to uninstall. Unlike traditional boat lifts, Jet Dock’s don’t have a mechanical or moving parts and don’t require any electrical or permanent hardware. Simply untie your Jet Dock from rigid moorings (PDF) or remove the moorings altogether. Spring-tie your Jet Dock freely so it does not rub up against other structures, and do not leave the Jet Dock in locations where moving ice can tear it away and cause damage.

For most marina boat slips and quiet water areas, go ahead and leave your Jet Dock in the ice and say "hello" to it in the Spring. It will be there waiting for you!

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