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Shallow Water Boat Lifts

Docking in shallow waters presents unique challenges for boat lifts and pwc lifts. Jet Dock boat lifts, pwc lifts and pontoon boat lifts require the least depth of any dry-docking device on the market.

Jet Dock Jet Ski Drive on dock that you can leave in year round

Dry docking watercrafts

Unlike most mechanical boat lifting devices, or tank-type lifts, Jet Dock boat lifts do not need water depth through the entire length of the device to operate. Our shallow water boat lifts only require water depth at the stern quadrant of the Dock from where the drive-on takes place. This means that customers can place the bows of our boat lifts into shallow or zero water depth locations, with the sterns floating in the minimal water depth, and still have functional lift for their watercrafts.

No water conditions

Jet Dock shallow water boat lifts and pwc lifts can also lay on the ground during no-water conditions,* and float back up to a fully operational state once the water returns. Unlike traditional boat lifts, you can remove your Jet Dock to a new location. This is especially important if you want to dock from an area with deeper water conditions.

Shallow water boat docks

For regular floating docks and walkways, our boat lifts can lay on the ground, in shallow or no water conditions indefinitely and still perform as a pathway to get out to deeper waters. This is ideal for situations that require an L-shaped dock, U-shaped dock, or T-shaped dock that is far enough into deeper water to use as a swimming or fishing platform. Unlike traditional docks, Jet Dock gives you the ability to expand and add to your dock or change the shape. Because our docks are modular and portable, you can change the shape, make it bigger, or move your dock to another location.

* Some boat docks require a certain minimum depth at all times. Contact Jet Dock for details.

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