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Marina Boat Lift & Boat Slip Lift Systems

At Jet Dock, our boat slip lift systems do not require pilings, brackets or alterations to the existing dock slip structure. Compare this to Conventional Boat Lifts, Floating PWC lifts or floating boat lifts which are essential for condo and Marina boat lifts.

Jet Dock's portable boat lift is ideal for marina slip use. Moving? Simply untie your Jet Dock and move it to the next slip or marina.

Why else is a floating boat lift or floating jet ski lift so important in Marina Slip applications? For the simple reason that the user's boat slip lift must not interfere with the infrastructure of the marina, or cause a nuisance to the other members. A non-mechanical, non-obtrusive floating boat slip lift system by Jet Dock is your answer. The Jet Dock is so ideal for marina slip applications that it is routinely designated as the only approved boat lifting device at that marina. A traditional, construction-type lifting device normally requires pilings, brackets, dredging or modification to the marina infrastructure. This is not ideal for situations with marina boat lifts.

Get Portable Boat Lifts At Jet Dock

The Jet Dock floating boat lift and floating PWC lift systems fit anywhere. Simple tie-up means Jet Dock's floating PWC lifts fit in tight spots, under the bow of your cruiser or between the slips! This is a tremendous benefit for use in marina or condo slips and provides the unique opportunity for the boaters to have all their watercraft together, in one place, in one slip.

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