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At JetDock we are lovers of all things boating, and our love of boating and our passion for a safe and fun experience on the water have helped us to create our floating boat lift and docking systems. In our Knowledge Center you will find articles about our products and also about the boating lifestyle and ways to improve upon safety and the overall experience while you're out on the water. Click through the articles below and contact one of our JetDock dealers to learn more about how a floating boat lift, dock or floating PWC lift can take the hassle and worry out of docking your watercraft.

About our Boat Lifts

How to Compare and Choose Floating Dock Kits
Adding Ice Insurance to Your Boat and Boat Lift Coverage
Maintaining Your Pontoon Boat with a Floating Lift
Signs Your Dock Needs Replaced
Floating Swim Platform And Swimming Docks Buying Guide
Picking the Right Boat Lift Company
Your Boat Insurance May Not Cover Your Boat Lift
5 Facts About Floating Boat Lifts You Need to Know
Advantages of Portable Boat Lifts Over Stationary Boat Lifts
Modular Dock Versatility & Advantages
Floating Dock Plans - What Shape of Dock Should I Use?
Boat Lifts for Speed Boats: Dirty Hulls = Decreased Performance
What Do I Need to Know About Lifts & Docks?
Drive-On Docking & Launching
Floating Dock Assembly
Dock Mooring & Installation
Maintaining your JetDock
The Competition & Our Advantage
Questions for the Competition
Boat Hoists and Boat Lifts
JetDocks, a Safer Alternative
Enrionmentally Friendly
Boat Lift Comparison: 8 Things to Consider When Selecting a Boat Lift

Boating Safety, Tips and More

How to Choose the Best Fishing Boat for You
Summer Boating Heat Safety Precautions
Boating First Aid Kits & Medical Kits: A Guide
9 Tips for Docking Your Pontoon Boat
Floating Boat Docks: Bass Fishing's Best-Kept Secret
Distracted Boating: A Dangerous Habit
How to Keep Your Boat Safe During a Hurricane
Top Summer Water Sports to Try Out
How to Paint Your Wooden Boat
Boating Safety Lesson for Electric Shock Drownings
Saltwater Fishing Tips for Newbies
Boat Safety Drills to Keep You Safe
What to do When Your Boat is Sinking
5 Advantages to Buying a Pontoon Boat
Top 5 Houseboat Vacation Spots
Tips for Preparing Your Boat for Hurricane Season
How to Prevent Boat Corrosion
Tips for Boating in Rough Water
Summer Storage Options for Your Boat
Safety Tips for Boating with Kids
Planning a Boat Outing During Your Vacation
Keep Your Boat Cold Water Ready for the Winter
Cold Water Boating Safety and Tips
Wrapping Your Boat for the Off-season
Tips for a Better Boating Outing
Fishing From Your PWC
Fireworks Boating Safety Tips for July 4th
Jet Ski Top Safety Tips for the Summer
How To Keep Your Floating Walkway Looking Great
Top 4 Reasons to Have a Floating Walkway System
How to Tie a Boat to a Dock - Preparation
How to Dock a Boat
Types of Boat Propulsion Systems
Getting the Most Out of Boat Ownership
Types of Powerboats & Their Benefits
Types of Fishing Reels
Flares and Maritime Visual Distress Signals
Crew Overboard (COB) Prevention and Safety Tips
How to Use a Boat Fire Extinguisher
How to Catch Walleye
10 Freshwater Fishing Tips
How to Trailer a Boat
How to Calculate Travel Time & Distance by Boat
How to Winterize a Jet Ski
How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on Your Boat
Boating Safety Tips: Is it safe to take a baby onboard?
Learn How to Tie 5 Common Boating Knots
Boating with Dogs: 7 Safety Tips
How to Anchor a Boat
Boat Navigation Light Safety
Boating Safety Tips: 6 Tips for Preparing for Storms
Boating Safety: Tips & Checklist
4 Ways to Improve Boating Safety
Boating Safety: 6 Tips for Boating in Storms
Spring Boating Checklist
Summer Safety Tips
Summer Safety for Kids
Do I Need a Boat Lift?
Boat Blisters: Causes and Prevention Tips
PWC Lifts Benefit Jet Ski Businesses
Jet Ski Maintenance Checklist & Tips
5 Ways to Update Your Vacation Home
Winterizing Your Vacation Home
Considerations When Buying A Personal Water Craft
How to Build a Jet Ski Dock

The Cod Father Speakeasy

Top Destinations to Watch Fall Foliage on the Water
7 Boats That Will Blow Your Mind
Top Places to Watch Fireworks From on the Water This 4th of July
Fly Fishing 101 - Which Fly Fishing Rod is Best for You?
Top 5 Spots to Fly Fish Around the World
5 Top Great Lakes Travel & Vacation Ideas for the Summer
5 Boat Activities Recommended by The Cod Father


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