Why Don't We Put JetDock Pricing Online

JetDock Systems, Inc. has carefully chosen not to sell its products online. Why? Your purchase of a JetDock system is highly specialized. It requires the proper choices and documentation to select the system that is right for you. 

Here are some of the key issues for JetDock boat lift and floating dock systems:

1. What is the length, width, weight and year of your watercraft?

2. Where you will moor your JetDock, what is your water depth at the connection point and the seawardmost point, what is your sea floor composition, what is your water-level fluctuation, what is your existing dock structure made of, how much current do you have, how much wake or waves do you experience, etc.

3. Who will be using the JetDock? You, your children, the elderly, the public?

4. How will you use your JetDock boat lift -- weekend storage, full time storage, boat rental operation, jammed under the bow of your cruiser in a rented boat slip?

As you can see, there is a LOT involved in choosing the right JetDock boat lift or boat dock for you! Once we carefully collect your information, we will design several JetDock options for you, choose the proper mooring systems, suggest a few accessories, and specify the most efficient freight or professional delivery and installation options for you. None of this customized service could you ever receive online!

We hope you find our website useful and filled with lots of valuable information. But for now and the forseeable future, online ordering will be strictly avoided. For immediate service, knowledgeable representatives are standing by for you at our Corporate Offices. We also have a fine dealer network which covers many areas of North America and overseas. Contact us and get the right system for you!

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