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Watercraft dealers are uniquely suited to become a Jet Dock dealer. You are already succeeding at one of the world's hardest businesses -- it's time to add on something easy that will add to your business and have excellent profit potential at the same time!

Many of your customers have asked you for a dry-docking option for the boats they are buying from you, or even for "toys" they already have. You have experimented with many options: mechanical lifts, tank lifts, standing lifts, referring jobs to contractors, etc. But you quickly found it to be a very clumsy piece of your business, and your customers were simply not happy. Some started solving the problem on their own and cut you out of a potentially profitable transaction. Others simply did nothing and, as a result, used the boat you sold them less and less until they became totally disenchanted with boating altogether. Nobody was happy, and, most of all, you missed out on further sales. What you need is a simple, flexible dry-docking product line to service your customers' watercraft, without having to invest in specialized capital-intensive equipment. You need to carry Jet Dock pwc and boat lifts.

With Jet Dock pwc lifts and boat lifts you can offer the finest, most user-friendly dry-docking system to your customers. And because of Jet Dock's modular, interchangeable design, you do not need to stock a different product for every single watercraft that comes your way. Stocking is simple and efficieint. The boats that you sell can have cosmetic frailties, model years, specific color tones and maintenance headaches. Jet Dock has none of these. And with the Lifetime Warranty and no maintenance, the next call you receive from your customer will be them wanting to order more boats and Jet Docks from you! With Jet Dock, you will appeal to a broad boating market: everyone with a pwc, dinghy, jet boat, outboard, sterndrive or any other watercraft that needs to avoid chronic water storage. You will even market to boat owners who have already purchased a boat from someone else, and, surprise-surprise, that customer will start talking to you about his next big boat purchase!

Jet Dock has simple, non-minimum purchase "Wholesale" programs for you to get started. If you would like to qualify for one of the more aggressive Jet Dock dealership programs, you must be willing to market and sell outside of your storefront "walk-ins", and commit to a product release schedule. There are benefits to both programs. If either sound attractive to you, complete the Jet Dock Dealer Application today. We will process your application immediately and contact you to discuss your options. Thank you for your interest.

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