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Top 10 Reasons to Become a Jet Dock Dealer

Being a Jet Dock dealer is a wonderful opportunity for a motivated entrepreneur who loves the boating and watercraft lifestyle. As a dealer of our patented boat lifts and floating walkway systems, you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with business and homeowners who share your passion for the water.

There are hundreds of reasons to become a Jet Dock dealer. We have broken it down into 10 of the biggest reasons to start your own Jet Dock business.

Simple maintenance support

Jet Dock floating docks and boat lifts don’t require any moving parts or electrical machinery. For our dealers, this means that you won’t have to worry about providing support for difficult and technical parts.

Low call-back ratio

Because of the low maintenance Jet Dock’s provide to our customers, dealers will be less likely to address complaints and customers should be able to get their issues resolved in one simple phone call.

Built to last

Jet Dock’s patented design is made of heavy duty polyethylene and is built to withstand harsh conditions. Dealers can be confident that they’re selling a durable floating walkway and boat lift that is safe and free of cosmetic deficiencies.

Unlimited adaptability

Because Jet Dock’s are modular and can always be changed, dealers can be confident that our boat lifts and walkways won’t go out of style and will prove their worth over time.

High gross profit

We not only provide Jet Dock dealers with durable boat docks and lifts, but we create the potential for high gross profit on our systems while keeping your costs to a minimum.

No compete guarantee

Jet Dock Systems will not compete with exclusive dealers. Unlike other companies that directly compete with their dealers and resellers, Jet Dock wants to give our exclusive dealers room to grow, increase ROI, and be successful.

National online marketing campaign

Jet Dock runs an aggressive online marketing campaign to help increase brand awareness and traffic to the site, which turns into leads for our dealers. We provide our dealers with a name that potential customers already trust because of our paid search, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

Optional offline marketing materials

We provide our dealers with PDF versions of printed materials as well as the option to purchase this information in hard copy form. This allows our dealers to be able to have Jet Dock information readily available for promotions and advertising purposes.

Exclusive lead fulfillment and referral program

We provide our dealers with an exclusive lead program that assists them with growing their business. When potential leads are generated from our website or call in, they are fulfilled by Jet Dock corporate and then forwards to our dealers in that region, making the process easier for you.

Substantial income potential

Because Jet Dock provides dealers with durable, high quality boat lifts and walkways combined with high gross profit, there is a potential for substantial income. Be your own boss and run your business with the confidence, knowing Jet Dock stands behind their dealers and products.

There are so many reasons why you should become a Jet Dock dealer. Get started today and take advantages of all that Jet Dock has to offer.

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