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    Drive-On Dry Docking For Watercraft Up To 50 Feet

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    Quick, easy access dramatically increases the enjoyment of your watercraft. "Start it and go" convenience. Simple drive-on when you return. Spontaneous boating excursions. Carefree sunset cruises. Peace of mind knowing you have complete dry docking protection. Jet Dock invented drive-on docking. And our commitment to superior quality makes us the number one selling drive-on dock in the world.

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Boat Lifts and Floating Docks By Location
Jet Docks are so easy to use in any marine environment. These durable, portable, maintenance-free docks fluctuate with changing water levels. Known for their versatility, the Jet Dock easily moors to a fixed dock or seawall, a floating dock or to the shoreline when there is no existing structure. They work great for any type of craft in any location … salt or fresh water, shallow or deep, tropical or cold climates. The more challenging the marine environment, the more likely Jet Dock is the answer for you!
  • Saltwater Regions
    Saltwater Regions
    Maintaining the boating lifestyle in a saltwater area presents its own set of unique challenges.
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  • Lakes And Rivers
    Lakes & Rivers
    When docking your boat on a lake or river, conditions can vary by season and location.
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  • Hurricane Areas
    Hurricane Areas
    In hurricane-prone areas Jet Dock floating systems can help reduce the stress of costly repairs.
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  • Iced-in Locations
    Iced-in Locations
    Boating during cold winter months can present big challenges for boaters, especially when rivers and lakes freeze over in subzero temperatures.
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  • Fluctuating Waters
    Fluctuating Waters
    Floating boat docks can handle the unique challenges presented in fluctuating and tidal waters.
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  • Deep Waters
    Deep Waters
    Deep water conditions present a unique set of challenges for boat lifts and marine applications.
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  • Shallow Waters
    Shallow Waters
    Docking in shallow waters presents unique challenges for boat lifts and PWC lifts.
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  • Muddy Sea Floors
    Muddy Sea Floors
    Muddy or uneven sea bottoms create difficult installation problems for many types of standing boat lifts.
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  • Residential Sites
    Residential Sites
    Residential spaces need a particular boat lift and dock to fit the surrounding area and lifestyle of a homeowner.
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  • Marinas and Condo Slips
    Marinas & Condo Slips
    Floating PWC lifts and floating boat lifts are essential for marina and condo boat slips.
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  • Free Standing
    Free-standing boat lifts and walkway systems are ideal when your property has no existing dock, seawall, rip-rap, or bulkhead.
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  • Parks and Recreation
    Parks and Recreation
    Parks and recreation facilities have the broadest spectrum of boat docking and lifting needs of anyone.
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  • Military Installation
    Military Installation
    Military bases and sites demand a high level of performance from their docking infrastructure.
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