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Free-Standing Boat Lift Systems

With no existing dock, seawall or bulkhead on your property, a free-standing boat lift is a perfect way to keep enjoying your boat or PWC. Jet Dock's unique mooring system gives you the freedom to dry-dock your boat while providing a wet slip for others to tie up. Most conventional boat lifts can't be used when there is no existing structure, but our free-standing lift provides the solution to keep you running full-speed-ahead.

Free-Standing Lift Systems for Any Water Conditions

Jet Dock's free-standing boat lift systems work in shallow water, lakes or rivers, saltwater and deepwater. Extreme weather, like iced-in locations, won't change the durability and reliability of our free-standing lift. Our polyethylene (HDPE) material is impervious to ice and cold, so your free-standing lift will still be there in the morning. Installing in any water and without an existing structure gives you the freedom to enjoy your watercraft anywhere. And our free-standing boat lift will function even when there's no water. However, some of our drive-on floating lifts do require docks maintaining a minimum depth.

Interchangeable Free-Standing Lifts for Your Next Adventure

At Jet Dock, we know the free-standing boat lift that's perfect for your lifestyle today may need to dock a much bigger boat in the future. That's why we've designed all of our boat lifts and docks to be one-hundred-percent interchangeable. You can always add or remove whole sections to create or recreate the precise shape you need. Jet Dock free-standing lift systems come with cleats and connecting devices that allow you to switch a U-Shaped dock into a T-Shaped walkway. This is a feature you won't find in traditional boat lifts and docks.

A Portable Free-Standing Boat Lift

When many people think of docks, they imagine permanent wooden structures with mechanical boat lifts. One of the many benefits of our free-standing boat lift is its portability. Our boat lift systems can move at the speed of your lifestyle. Bring them in for extreme weather conditions and relocate indoors, or take them across the country to the other coast. A Jet Dock free-standing boat lift is designed to go with you and adapt to your life and location changes.

See the Difference a Jet Dock Free-Standing Lift Makes

Jet Dock's patented design saves you time, money and stress. And who couldn't use a little less stress in their lives? Let Jet Dock take the worry out of docking your boat. After all, boating should be a fun, safe adventure for the whole family. Our free-standing lift systems are guaranteed for life. You can reach out to one of our highly-trained representatives today to get more information about our free-standing lift systems.

* Some drive-on floating boat lifts require a certain minimum depth at all times. Contact Jet Dock for details.

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