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How to Moor and Install Floating Dock Kits (Video)

Your boat lift or floating dock kit is only as good as its dock mooring. But don't be concerned! Unlike traditional boat lift mooring or floating dock installation, your Jet Dock boat lift installation kit requires no commercial-grade equipment, pile drivers, marine contractors or carpenters. You can complete the dock mooring process yourself after completing your floating dock assembly.

Jet Dock offers dock mooring solutions for floating boat docks and floating walkways in all types of waters, including fluctuating waters when attaching to an existing stationary structure or floating structure, or even attaching to no existing dock structure at all.

Regardless of which Jet Dock mooring solution you use, your Jet Dock floating dock or boat lift will be steady and secure while remaining portable and changeable. Read on and watch the video below for more info on each type of floating dock installation.

Connecting To A Stationary Structure

For connecting your boat lift or floating dock system to stationary structures like bulkheads, seawalls or fixed docks, use the Jet Dock Tide Manager™ System. The Tide Manager can be attached to wood, concrete or steel. Your Jet Dock system will still move up and down with fluctuating waters but will not unduly sway from side to side or be too unstable to use.

Connecting To A Floating Structure

For attaching your boat lift or floating dock to existing floating docks or floating marina piers, use the Fender Mooring System. This system protects both the Jet Dock floating dock kit and the existing floating dock structure or marina from rubbing or abrasions, yet it will remain firmly and securely attached.

Installing A Stand-Alone Structure

For completing your floating dock installation or boat lift mooring when there is no existing structure, use the Jet Dock Stand-Alone Tide Manager System. Your Jet Dock will move up and down with water level fluctuations, yet will remain firmly in place – safe and easy to use – even if you have no existing dock, bulkhead or seawall.

Stand-Alone Floating Dock Installation Instructions


Estimated Time: 2 hours

Required Crew: 2 people

Required Tools: 8- to 12-foot step ladder, hacksaw or electric saw, electric drill, drill bits, sledgehammer, level, tape measure and hammer

The recommended site conditions for a stand-alone dock mooring system is a water depth of less than 40 inches, a tidal or water fluctuation of less than 12 inches, and wave and wake conditions of fewer than 12 inches. Seafloor composition must allow for a minimum of 36-inch penetration. Keep in mind that the larger the watercraft, the more stand-alone Tide Managers will be required. Also remember to consult your watercraft’s operational guide to determine the minimum water depth for safe operation.

If you've ordered your Jet Dock system with stand-alone dock mooring cubes, they will most likely have been attached at the Jet Dock facility before being shipped to you. If the cubes are shipped separately, they're best attached to the floating dock system while on dry land before completing the following steps. Position them as far apart as possible for the greatest mooring stability.

Step 1: Anchor Your Dock

Select a dock mooring location that is free of obstructions with sufficient water depth for proper watercraft operation. Anchor the dock in this general area.

Step 2: Insert Steel Poles

Begin by inserting the steel pole down through the mooring cube sleeve. Check that the pole is level. Then use a sledgehammer to drive the pole at least 36 inches into the seafloor, periodically verifying that it’s still true vertical. Install all remaining steel poles using this same method.

Step 3: Cover Steel Poles With PVC Casings

Position the PVC casing next to the pole with one end firmly against the seafloor. Mark the height of the steel pole on the casing and custom cut the casing to match the pole. Slide the PVC casing over the steel pole and position it 1 inch lower than the top of the steel.

Drill a 9/64-inch pilot hole through both the PVC casing and the steel pole, positioning the hole about 1 inch below the top of the PVC casing. Secure the casing to the pipe by tapping in the nail provided. Complete the pole installation by covering the top of the pole with the PVC cap provided, completely covering the nail head. Install the remaining PVC casings in the same fashion. (Note: For full instructions on how to install a boat lift with this method, watch the instructional video in its entirety.)

Let The Experts At Jet Dock Help

At Jet Dock, no matter the size of your boat, we have a floating dock that offers easy dock installation, maintenance-free construction and superior boarding and access. Contact your Jet Dock representative for help selecting from our floating dock kits and dock mooring solutions.

Still not convinced you can complete your floating dock or boat lift installation yourself? Ask about turnkey installation by a professional. Your boat lift and floating dock mooring solution is just a phone call away.

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