Boat Yard and Marina Business Expansions

Boat yards and marinas are uniquely suited to be successful Jet Dock dealers. You are already succeeding at one of the world's hardest businesses -- it's time to add on something easy that will improve your marina and have excellent profit potential for your business!

Many of your members have asked you for a dry-docking option for their waterside "toys". You have experimented with many options: dry-stacking, trailer storing, tank lifts, etc. But you quickly found it to be a very clumsy piece of your business, and your customers were simply not happy. Some started just tying up their toys under the bow of their boat, clunking up against your brand new floats or pilings. Others left trailers for water toys strewn throughout your boat yard. Nobody was happy, and, most of all, you were not making any money. What you need is a watercraft management system by Jet Dock.

With Jet Dock pwc lifts and boat lifts you can manage your member's "toys" in a neat, orderly and profitable manner. You can select a crooked, narrow or shallow area that has never been revenue-generating for you, and put together a "Jet Dockominium". Rent out each slip the same way you do your existing slips for boats. You can even number each Jet Dock drive-on docking slip and provide a dock box and security system for all. You will recoup your investment quickly and, because your Jet Dock has a Lifetime Warranty without the interminable maintenance that you are used to, your profit potential goes on for years and years to come. Your customers will be happy, your marina will be neat and organized, and your yard will not look like a used car lot.

While you're solving your "in-house" customer dry-docking needs, it's also time to go out get some new customers. With Jet Dock, you will appeal to a broad boating market: everyone with a pwc, dinghy, jet boat, outboard, sterndrive or any other watercraft that needs to avoid chronic water storage. Your marina business will even market to boat owners who already have a slip at another marina or at their waterside home, or currently trailer their boat. You can advertise to your market region, attract interest, and, surprise-surprise, end-up getting more wet slip business while you're at it!

One proviso please. If all you wish to do is service you marina existing members, contact our retail department and inquire about quantity pricing. However, if you would like to become more involved and to qualify for one of the Jet Dock dealership programs, you must be willing to market and sell outside of your marina membership to boaters throughout your region. If that sounds attractive to you, complete the Jet Dock Dealer Application today. We will process your application immediately and contact you to discuss your options. Thank you for your interest.

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