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Customizable Floating Docks & Swim Platforms

A floating swim platform or walkway is the perfect addition to extend your on-the-water fun. Portable and easy to assemble, a swim dock can be designed in the size and shape that best suits your activities. Our floating swim docks are the solutions you've been looking for.

A Customizable Floating Walkway for Every Need

Regardless of location, a lake swim platform from Jet Dock doubles as a convenient floating dock walkway. We understand that docking needs vary depending on your marina or watercraft, which is why we offer some of the most versatile custom floating swim docks on the market.

Whether you're looking for a modular floating dock, a portable floating dock, an L-shaped dock, a U-shaped dock or more, our floating dock walkways and dock systems are available in many shapes, sizes and orientations to help best fit your needs. Additionally, our custom floating docks and walkway systems work in deep water, shallow water or even no-water conditions.

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Modular Floating Walkways and Docks for Unique Customizations & Phenomenal Fishing

Get a modular floating dock walkway design for your specific needs when you shop at Jet Dock. Modular floating walkways and docks mean a T-shape floating dock today can easily become a U-shape dock system tomorrow. Widening or lengthening your Jet Dock floating walkway is simple. Configuration changes can be rearranged with a simple toolkit — no power tools or special skills required. Jet Dock boat lifts and floating docking systems come with all the necessary dock lifting parts and cleats, making it easy to customize your floating docks and walkways into your desired shape. We offer all the accessories you need to make the most of your floating swim dock. Plus, our modular systems make for the perfect floating fishing dock, thanks to their ability to bend and flex into unique spaces that are optimal for dropping bait. Our handy dock selection tool helps you identify the best option for your circumstances.

Portable Floating Docks

Doubling as a portable floating dock, our swim platform is maintenance-free and easy to use. Our portable swim docks allow you to move your walkways and dock systems to store them during the off-season or inclement weather. If you're a year-round boater like many of us, you can always leave your Jet Dock floating dock system up throughout the winter, even during icy conditions. Jet Dock's floating walkways and docks are an excellent investment for the avid boater or water sports enthusiast, thanks to their convenient portable capabilities.

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Non-Slip Floating Walkways and Dock Systems

The safety of our customers and their guests is important to us, which is why we've worked to develop floating walkways and dock systems that keep your safety in mind. Traditional docks can be slippery and deteriorate over time, creating a difficult surface to walk on safely. Jet Dock's patented floating dock and walkway systems feature a unique non-skid surface to prevent falls and injuries when walking on or exiting your watercraft.

Learn More About Our Slip-Resistant Floating Walkway

Every slip-resistant floating walkway and dock system from Jet Dock offers unprecedented access to your watercraft. Made of durable high-density polyethylene, each floating swim platform and dock provides a safe pathway to your PWC or boat. There are no more worries about slips or falls with a swim dock from Jet Dock. Discover more about the superior boarding access our products provide.

Static Floating Boat Lifts

Conventional Floating Walkway

The Conventional Floating Dock features a simple, modular design that can be arranged to create any size floating walkway. It makes creating multiple mooring locations for your watercraft easy.

Static Floating Boat Lifts

L-Shape Floating Walkway

Design your floating walkway in any size. The L-shape design is pre-assembled but is modular and changeable to fit your needs. The L-Shape Floating Dock provides a large amount of space for multiple watercraft in a variety of sizes.

Top Floating Walkway Features You Get With Jet Dock:

  • High-Density Polyethylene Composition
  • Patented Customizable Configurations For Your Needs
  • Non-Skid Surfaces As A Safety Measure
  • Fully Custom Walk-Around Space
  • Perimeter Tie-Off Cleats
  • Security System Ready
  • Water Draining & Self-Bailing Capabilities
  • Assembly From Local Craftsmen
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
Floating Swim Platform

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Whether you want to create the ultimate floating swim platform or a sturdy floating walkway, Jet Dock has you covered. Our floating walkways and docks offer all the performance and convenience you expect from an industry leader. Contact us today to see what Jet Dock can do for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Swim Platforms

The $269 million floating boat dock market is vast, and it can be hard to know who to trust. But Jet Dock is here with information about floating walkways and swim platforms you can rely on. Read on for more details.

What Is a Floating Walkway?

A floating walkway is a modular system made of durable high-density polyethylene that lets you easily and quickly access your watercraft.

How to Build a Floating Walkway?

Decide if you want a conventional, L-shape, U-shape or T-shape system. Once your floating walkway arrives, it's easy to install with a few simple tools.

What Is the Point of a Floating Dock?

A floating dock is an excellent solution for areas with fluctuating water depths. Regardless of how deep the water is, a floating dock provides consistent access to your watercraft.