Boat Lift Parts & Accessories

When you get your boat lift parts and accessories directly from Jet Dock, you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality. While all of our floating boat lift and dock systems come with all of the parts necessary, you might find yourself needing a replacement or add-on part from time to time. As you browse our parts and accessories below, please contact us with any questions you may have. We are also available to assist you with ordering the new part/accessory that you need.

Boat Class Winch Turret - Standard Equipment on all Economy and Universal boat docks. Can also be added to PWC docks. Used to winch watercraft on and off your Jet Dock when drive on cannot be performed. Includes winch cube, winch turret, galvanized winch with 50' of line, and stainless steel hook. (#A413)
Winch Assist Launch Lines - Replacement Launch Lines for Universal and Economy Boat Docks. Includes one 24' length of red double braided polyester line, one red bungee with buckle. (#K400)
Fastener - A black nylon nut and bolt combination used to connect two or more cube tabs together. (#C102)
Black or Beige Connecting Pin - A seven inch diameter, black mushroom shaped component used to connect four cubes together. (Black - #C003 or Beige - #C010)
Cleat - Standard equipment on all boat and pwc docks. Attaches along the perimeter of your Jet Dock and provides temporary tie off points for boats and pwcs. (#C007)
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