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River Dock Systems & Floating Boat Lifts Features & Benefits

Attaching your boat to a lake or river dock is easy but rather unpredictable. Conditions can vary by season and location, and you may have to contend with uncertain water levels, fast-moving currents or even icy water during the winter months. Because of these factors, it's best that you use specialized floating docks for lakes and rivers. At Jet Dock, we understand the need for these types of river and lake boat docks, which is why we have committed ourselves to helping you create the best lake and river dock or boat lift system with our Jet Dock Finder. You and your watercraft will be safely docked no matter what.

Floating River Docks Move With Water Levels

Because rivers and lakes often have fluctuating water levels due to droughts, floods or melted ice, you need a boat lift or floating river dock that will work through it all. Jet Dock’s floating docks for lakes and rivers are designed to function in any level of water, including shallow water, deep water and even no water. However, some of our drive-on floating dock systems for lakes do require a certain minimum depth at all times.

Our boat lifts and floating docks for lakes have a patented design that allows them to be installed in deep water to the seafloor when there is no existing infrastructure in place, or in shallow water conditions against an existing structure. When water levels change, your river dock or lift will move with the current and stay afloat no matter what the water level is. Even if there is little to no water due to a tide or drought, Jet Dock’s lifts can fully function as long as there is a small amount of water depth at the stern quadrant where the watercraft drives on. Jet Dock's floating docks for rivers and lakes have the ability to rest on the river or lakebed safely until water levels return to normal, making them extremely versatile compared to other boat lifts or river dock systems on the market.

River Docks Are Safe In Cold & Icy Conditions

During the winter months, lakes and rivers naturally freeze over. Traditional mechanical boat lifts have to be removed because of the risk of freezing and damage. Jet Dock’s floating docks for rivers and lakes don't require removal during winter and icy conditions, however. This is because our river docks and lifts are made out of polymer HDPE materials that are unphased by frigid temperatures. As long as there isn't moving ice that can cause damage, Jet Dock's floating docks for lakes are designed to withstand freezing water and can save you time and money by keeping your system installed year-round. When the weather breaks, you can enjoy cold-water boating knowing that your boat lift will still work just as it was designed to.

Floating Lake Docks and River Docks Are Modular

Not only can our river docks and floating docks for lakes be installed in any type of water and weather conditions, but they’re also completely interchangeable. You can design your river dock to meet specific shape requirements, including giving it a U"-shaped or T"-shaped walkway to optimize accessibility. You can also adjust the size of the lake and river dock to accommodate more than one boat.

Jet Dock River Docks Are Portable

Since there are no moving or electrical parts, a river dock or lift from Jet Dock is easy to move or relocate if need be. Our river docks and floating docks for lakes also come with all of the equipment needed to easily install or remove them. This can be especially important if you want to store your floating river dock or lift indoors during the winter months or other instances of severe weather.

Discover the Difference with a Jet Dock Floating River Dock

Whether you want a floating dock, boat lift or a pontoon boat lift for a river or lake, Jet Dock has the solution you need to keep you out on the water year-round. Reach out to a representative from Jet Dock today to use our Jet Dock Finder and for information on river docks.

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