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Deep Water Dock and Boat Lift Solutions

Lakes and other large bodies of water present unique set up challenges for boat lifts and marine applications. Deep dock structures and stationary boat lifts require access to the sea floor for pilings or footers. When you’re trying to install these kinds of lifts in these conditions, it can not only be difficult, but costly as well. That's where we can help. At Jet Dock, we've developed extraordinary deep water dock and boat lift solutions to keep your watercraft fully secure when not in use.

Flexible Deep Water Boat Lift Designs

Just like our boat lifts for saltwater regions, our deep water dock solutions can be modified into T"-shaped or U"-shaped docks to fit your needs. Whether you need more storage to hold an extra boat or two, or you simply have a preference for the dock's overall aesthetic, we'll work with you to create an exceptional deep dock that provides the benefits you desire. Plus, our deep water dock systems feature spacious walk-around platforms that make fueling and maintenance simple.

The Floating Deep Water Dock Meets All Water Conditions

Some hydraulic boat lifts require shallow waters and a level seafloor for proper installation. Other lifts may not even be compatible with deep waters, causing all sorts of problems for your boat. No matter how deep the water is, Jet Dock's floating docks for deep water will always float at the surface, right where you need them. Our deep dock and lift solutions connect easily to an existing seawall or structure so your deep water dock stays firmly in place.

White Boat on a Deep Water Jet Dock

The Deep Water Dock Can Be Installed to Seafloors

Sometimes, in deep water situations, there is no seawall or structure on which to install your floating boat lift or dock. Jet Dock’s deep water dock design, however, allows you to easily spring-tie or cable your floating dock to the seafloor.

Deep Water Boat Lifts Offer Protection from Sea Growth

Since it's such a convenient option, many people choose to keep their boats docked in the water until they're ready to take them out again. Over time, exposure to deep water can create a buildup of grime, crustaceans or sea growth on boats that can negatively affect their performance, life and overall value. That's why it's important to dry dock with a Jet Dock floating deep water boat lift that keeps your watercraft free from particles.

Deep Water Dock Systems Are Portable

As we previously mentioned, Jet Dock gives you the ability to change the shape of your deep water dock and add or eliminate sections. However, unlike stationary docks and lifts, Jet Dock's boat lifts and docks are completely portable. When it's time to move, or you simply want to relocate your deep water boat lift, it's quick and simple. Jet Dock supplies you with all of the necessary equipment to install, move and interchange your deep water boat lift and dock.

With Jet Dock boat lifts for deep water, you'll always be at water's level, ready to enjoy your boating adventures! Contact us today to learn more.

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