JetDock's Drive-On Docking Patents

JetDock's innovation has been recognized in many parts of the world. JetDock has been awarded over 7 US Patents, together with issued and pending Canadian and International patents on their inventions. In the past decade, JetDock has vigorously pursued its patent rights in Federal Court, with victories in each case, and fully expects pending cases to also be resolved in its favor.

Illegal infringing of patents costs US inventors millions of dollars every year. At JetDock, we defend our intellectual property and appreciate your support as we continue to do so.

The patent texts and drawings are lengthy and detailed and speak for themselves, but, generally speaking, JetDock's innovation involves multi-section, sequentially-flexing drive-on docking systems that keep your watercraft high and dry. Your watercraft will drive-on our patented designs without pointing up in the air and crashing down on the surface. And, since our floating boat lift systems are not one-piece slabs of wood or plastic, the heavier-weighted sterns of the boats do not cause the platform to "teeter-totter" during drive-on and launch, or "tip down" in the back thus leaving the craft in the water. As a result, our systems work better and last longer, as further evidenced by our Lifetime Warranty.

As the world's largest manufacturer of drive-on docking systems, our success is a remarkable indicator of our innovation. And for that, we owe a great measure of gratitude to our customers worldwide. We appreciate your confidence in our company and are so thankful that you recognize our innovative products. We will pledge to keep improving on our existing technology, and will work hard to continue to innovate for years to come!

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