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Boat Lift for Fluctuating Water Levels

Floating boat docks can handle the unique challenges presented in fluctuating and tidal waters. Fluctuating waters can leave traditional boat lifts, davits, boat hoists and elevator lifts in an inconvenient position for use -- either too high or too low to your boat at water's level. A FLOATING boat dock product must be considered, together with the use of a Tide Manager System (PDF) for mooring.

Jet Dock's floating boat lifts are ideally suited for fluctuating and tidal waters. No matter where your water level is at that moment, with Jet Dock you will always have a safe boarding platform right at the water's edge. And for customer's who have an existing floating dock (PDF), your Jet Dock can simply be tied right to it.

Fluctuating Water Floating Boat Dock by Jet Dock

If you have no existing dock, seawall or bulkhead whatsoever, your Jet Dock floating boat dock is still the ideal solution. The Stand-alone Tide Manager (PDF) will moor your Jet Dock floating boat docks in a fixed position that will not move side to side or front to back. It will only go up and down with your water levels. It can even lay on the sea floor during a no-water condition!* The more challenging the marine environment, the more likely Jet Dock is the answer for you!

* Some boat docks require a certain minimum depth at all times. Contact Jet Dock for details.

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