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Drive On Docks For Parks & Recreational Activities

Parks and recreation facilities have the broadest spectrum of drive on boat docks and personal watercraft docks for anyone. Some sites need simple floating dock access for swimming. Some areas need mooring for small fishing boats or canoes. Some locations are leasing to PWC or boat rental operations and need functional and durable PWC lift and boat lift solutions. Whatever the needs are, Jet Dock Systems are designed to fit almost any watercraft and docking situation.

Our Drive On Docks Are Modular and Interchangeable

Jet Dock drive on docks and floating walkways are ideal for parks and recreational facilities because they are modular and interchangeable. A floating boat lift that can dock only one watercraft, can easily be added onto and changed to accommodate a second watercraft or more. Our T-Shaped floating walkways can quickly be rearranged to a U-Shape or L-Shaped dock. Unlike traditional boat lifts and docks, Jet Dock Systems can grow with a park or rec facility overtime, molding to specific needs.

Our Personal Watercraft Docks Works In All Water Levels

Even more diverse than the docking needs for Parks and Recreation Managers are the different and challenging water sites that they must work with! Some parks have deep water, some have shallow water, some have times when there is no water at all. Your personal watercraft dock from Jet Dock will accommodate all these conditions and more. Our patented design works in all water levels, making it the most versatile floating boat lift on the market.

Jet Dock’s Drive On Boat Docks Offer Various Benefits

Have fluctuating or tidal waters? Jet Dock is the answer. Changing needs? Jet Dock's modular design and Lifetime Warranty guarantees you have made the smartest marine investment for your Park and Recreation Facility. Be a hero with your staff and the public. Jet Dock offers the ideal boat lifts for parks and public facilities!

Contact us today to use our Jet Dock Finder and get a custom boat dock. Our experts are ready to work with your public park or recreational facility to design a custom boat lift and dock solution that fits perfectly.

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