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Portable Military Boat Docks & Lifts

Military bases and sites demand a high level of performance from their docking infrastructure. Military boat lifts and military floating docks from Jet Dock Systems are equal to the task. Deployment and maintenance protocols require immediate and complete access to your vessel. Jet Dock military boat lifts provide instant launching and dry-docking, and complete boarding and walk-around space for each watercraft. For e-catalogs of our military docks, please see our PDF Library.

Military, fire rescue, police departments, Homeland Security divisions, and drug interdiction teams experience the need for frequent changes to their watercraft and docking systems. Jet Dock's modular, portable and changeable military boat docks are designed for infinite modification and will not become obsolete. The Lifetime Warranty guarantees that your military boat docks will be around for years of deployment.

GSA Approved Structure

At Jet Dock, we are proud to be General Service Administration (GSA) approved for military and government agencies. GSA provides federal agencies with an approved list of products, services, and vendors for a variety of industries that meet and exceed a strict set of standards. Jet Dock Systems provide agencies with military boat lifts that allow watercrafts and vessels to be dry docked for inspection, maintenance, repair, and storage.

Jet Dock military boat lifts are utilized to support Homeland Security, here and around the world. For specifications and references, contact 1.877.GSA.DOCK, or email Government Sales for more information.

GSA # GS-07F-5367P

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