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Floating Seaplane Dock with Integrated Seaplane Lift

Owners of seaplanes face many of the same issues as boaters regarding mooring and fighting fouling due to chronic water storage. Where do I find a floating seaplane dock? -- where can I find a truly functional seaplane lift? JetDock -- the world's largest manufacturer of drive-on docking systems for boats -- now makes seaplane docks and seaplane lifts for most seaplanes in the market today.See a video of how it works (video).

Floating seaplane docks by JetDock systems are easy to use, maintenance free and loaded with benefits. Simply approach your floating seaplane dock at idle speed, center the craft and accelerate into place. Floating seaplane docks by JetDock are spacious and intelligently designed for gradual and safe dry-docking operation. Each seaplane dock includes a ramped stern section, tracking lanes with wear plates and guides, a winch detention and launching guide system, and full walk-around space. See the seaplane schematic (PDF). And with JetDock, your seaplane dock will be modular, portable, changeable and guaranteed with a lifetime limited warranty.

With a floating seaplane dock or seaplane lift from JetDock, now even pilots can experience the same enjoyment managing their craft as boaters do -- with the fun, safety and convenience of a JetDock drive-on docking system!

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Floating Seaplane Docks


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