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Boat Lifts and Docks for Hurricane Areas

Coastal properties are a great place to enjoy boating almost all year long. However, on the East coast and other areas prone to hurricanes, it can be expensive and difficult to upkeep your boat and boat lift. With the unique set of challenges that coast hurricane properties face, Jet Dock’s boat lift designs can help reduce the stress of costly repairs.

Portable Design

Jet Dock’s feature a portable design that can ride out waves and wind during a storm or hurricane. Unlike a conventional boat lift that is hard-fastened to your property, Jet Docks are designed to be quickly untied or spring-tied, enabling it to move with the current, significantly reducing damage to your lift.

The Owner's Manual (PDF) instructs all customers to remove their boat from the water with the approach of a severe storm. But, in case you get caught unaware or are unable to move your boat from harm's way, we believe your Jet Dock boat lift gives you the best chance of minimizing the loss of your craft.

Rising Water Levels

During storms and hurricanes, water levels can rise quickly and unexpectedly. A traditional boat lift is not designed for these types of conditions causing significant damage to both the dock and the boat. No boat lift is completely impervious to mother nature, but because Jet Dock’s hurricane boat lifts float above the water, they stand a greater chance of survival during a hurricane. No matter what the water levels are, your Jet Dock boat lift will float above the water, moving with the current. This keeps your boat better protected and reduces the chance for damage to your boat lift.

A severe storm or hurricane is a serious and devastating situation. When choosing a boat dock or boat lifting device, keep in mind the floating, portable system that works with mother nature, not against her.

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