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Boat Lift Maintenance: Maintain your Floating Boat Lift or Dock

Your statically-engineered Jet Dock system requires none of your typical boat lift maintenance or floating dock maintenance - just keep the surfaces clean and free from debris. No motors, cables gears or electricity means it will always work. Nothing to grease, nothing to lubricate, no rust, rot or corrosion. Do not use anti-fouing paints on the dock floats - marine growth and fouling will not harm it in any way. The dock floats are made from the finest high-density grade polymer available, and will not crack or degrade from UV or marine exposure. And if one of your Jet Dock floats somehow breaks, the modular design makes it simple to replace that one piece without having to replace the whole system. Jet Dock's space-aged dock floats will also not pollute or contaminate your waters with creosote-soaked pilings, oxidizing metals, or oil-based stain coatings.

Your Lifetime Limited Warranty means your Jet Dock will always work when you want it to. Several Jet Dock Accessories require simple, routine care. Mooring and winch lines should be inspected and replaced regularly. Your PWC and boat class winches and launch pulleys are marine grade and made by the best manufacturers in the world, however they still recommend occasional spritzing with a rust-inhibitive spray. The same is true for the after-market security systems.

The Jet Dock Airlift docking systems for boats from 24' - 50' require more care than the statically engineered systems. See your Owner's Manual and Supplements with your Airlift Dock for specific requirements. To speak with someone about our Jet Dock boat lifts, PWC lifts, or floating docks, please call 1-800-538-3625.

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