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Boat Lift Maintenance & Dock Maintenance: What To Expect With Each Type

Are you a boat owner? Before you pull the trigger on a new floating dock or boat lift, you need to know what you’re facing in the long term. This includes understanding what dock or boat lift maintenance will be required.

Today, we’re comparing the necessary maintenance that comes with Jet Dock products (practically nothing) to the maintenance required for other forms of boat docks and lifts. You’ll learn the basics of how to maintain a boat lift and dock, as well as how Jet Dock is revolutionizing the industry.

Keep in mind that the following maintenance recommendations are not exhaustive. For a full list of required boat lift and dock maintenance, contact your system’s manufacturer.

Traditional Boat Lift Maintenance

Just like with a watercraft, a traditional boat lift needs to be properly and regularly maintained. Ignoring the need for maintenance can damage your lift and even your boat, resulting in difficult and costly repairs. The following is an extensive list of required maintenance for traditional lifts and hoists:

  • Inspect lift cables regularly and replace them periodically.
  • Wash the cables with fresh water after each use in salt water.
  • Lubricate cables and chains.
  • Keep lift and cradle beams out of the water as much as possible and rinse after each use. Salt water can damage the lift over time.
  • Regularly check and tighten fasteners.
  • Periodically replace bunks.
  • Check and grease the gears each month.
  • Regularly check and periodically replace drive belts.
  • Check the motor and replace it every few years.
  • Grease the pulleys and tighten their bolts.
  • Grease motor (drive pipe and bearing) every four to six months.
  • Ensure any wired zincs stay submerged.
  • Schedule annual routine service depending on how often you use your boat lift and what condition it’s in.

Wooden Boat Dock Maintenance

Wooden docks require occasional care and maintenance in order to remain functional and safe. The following are the many maintenance and upkeep requirements that come with owning a wooden dock. As you’ll see, while a wooden dock might look nice, a lot of boat dock maintenance is required to maintain its appearance.

  • Clean your wood boat dock on a regular basis using environmentally safe cleaners.
  • Repair any rotting, splintered, cracked or broken boards. When a board needs to be replaced, always use treated lumber to avoid rot and degradation.
  • Scrub away any oil stains.
  • Frequently check screws, nails and other metal fasteners, and fix or replace the connections as needed.
  • Regularly lubricate any chains and fix any that have broken. This will keep rust away and ensure that everything is running smoothly.
  • If your dock has floatation barrels, you’ll want to replace old, leaky barrels when needed to ensure your dock’s stability.
  • Test and inspect any stairways and repair when needed.

Jet Dock Floating Boat Lift & Dock Maintenance

What’s so great about a floating boat lift or dock is that it requires none of the typical maintenance and upkeep that traditional docks do. In fact, the only thing you need to do on a regular basis is keep your dock or lift clean. Jet Dock boat dock maintenance is pretty much limited to the following:

  • Keep surfaces clean and free from debris.
  • Regularly inspect and replace mooring and winch lines.
  • Occasionally spray mooring and winch lines with rust-inhibitive spray.
  • Replace modular pieces when needed.

Since there are no motors, cables, gears or need for electricity, you can feel confident that your floating lift or dock will always work! In addition to this, there’s no need to grease or lubricate anything as there’s zero rust, rot or corrosion. Our floating docks are made from the finest high-density grade polymer on the market, so cracks and degradation are a thing of the past. And if something does happen to break on your floating dock or boat lift, you can easily replace any of our boat lift parts without having to replace the entire system.

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Regardless of the size of your boat, we have a floating dock that offers maintenance-free construction and easy dock installation. Contact a Jet Dock representative for help with selecting your perfect floating dock or dock mooring solution. And don’t forget to ask about our professional turnkey installation option. Your stress-free boat lift or floating dock is just a phone call away!

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