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Boat Storage Basics: The Importance of Dry Docking Boats and Jet Skis

Owning a boat or jet ski is exciting. But with this investment comes the responsibility of properly storing your watercraft. The good news is, you don't have to pay for a storage unit or haul your boat away from the water after every use. So, what do you need to know about outdoor boat storage? We can help with that.

The first question you may be asking is this: Should I dock my boat in the water, or should I opt for dry boat storage?

If you can help it, you should never store your boat or jet ski in water.

Why Dry Docking Boats Is More Important Than Ever

In the past several decades, many types of boats have been designed and manufactured with the intention that they be used with dry dock boat lifts or other dry boat storage solutions rather than being chronically water stored. Unlike larger cruisers, these newly designed watercraft also perform best when not bottom painted.

After sitting in fresh or saltwater for several months, these boats can become infiltrated with sea growth, muck, zebra mussels and/or crustaceans. This can decrease a watercraft’s overall performance. Outdrives and jet drives docked in the water can become so fouled as to fail to function properly.

In all cases, chronic water storage has been found to significantly decrease the life and value of boats and jet skis. In extreme cases, hull blisters or delamination – a separation or bubbling of the fiberglass layers – can also occur. The best solution is to trailer, rack store or otherwise dry dock your boat.

Additional Advantages Of Dry Dock Boat Storage

Aside from saving the boat hull and drives, properly dry docking boats can greatly enhance watercraft lift and access for boarding, fueling and maintenance. Plus, a dry docked boat needs no lines or bumpers and avoids damage from bouncing around while tied-off in a wet slip or other mooring.

What Types Of Watercraft Should Use Dry Dock Boat Lifts?

There are several types of boats that especially require dry boat storage:

  • Personal watercraft (a.k.a. PWCs or jet skis)
  • Jet boats
  • Outboards
  • Sterndrives
  • Offshore performance boats
  • Any other specialty watercraft that depends on speed and performance

Generally speaking, only large displacement-hull cruisers – those that do not try to get up onto the water and skip along or "plane" – don’t require a dry docking solution. They are simply painted and remain water stored. But all other watercraft benefit greatly from being stored outside the water.

When considering dry boat storage ideas, know that all the above types of watercraft are compatible with dry dock boat lifts. This is likely your most practical and convenient option.

Considering Types Of Boat Lifts

There are a variety of boat lifts out there. In fact, you can compare them here. Also make sure to ask yourself (and the various manufacturers) these questions.

When comparing options, you'll see that Jet Dock has created the perfect dry dock solution: modular, portable floating bloating boat lifts and docks.

With various sizes and types of boat lifts andjet ski storage available, we can help to protect any size or type of watercraft you own. All our floating boat lifts are safe, user-friendly and virtually maintenance free. And the modular lifts even prevent corrosion and impact damage – eliminating the need for endless cleaning, repainting and repairing.

Shop Dry Dock Boat Lifts From Jet Dock

Browse our entire selection of dry dock boat storage options and let one of our skilled storage experts help you today.. Your watercraft is an investment. Protect it properly and keep it running for years to come with Jet Dock.

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