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Boat & PWC Docking

Drive on lifts by Jet Dock. What could be simpler? No straps, hooks, motors or gears. The methods for PWC drive-on docking (video) and boat drive-on docking (video) are similar. Simply idle on your Jet Dock, pause, then drive-on, just like on a trailer. During the drive-on docking process, the floatation sections "flex down" to prevent your boat from rising up and slamming down upon the surface. As the weight of your craft moves forward on the Jet Dock, the floats rise back up to keep your craft high and dry. And launching your PWC (video) or launching your boat (video) is simple. The stern of your dock gently flexes down during launch, allowing the craft to depart gradually. Compare to Competition.

Drive-on docks are safe and easy to use. Easier than driving on a boat trailer, your PWC, jet boat, i/o, outboard or other stern drive boat will slide into place, the propeller will cavitate, and the watercraft will stop automatically. By carefully following the Owner's Manual (PDF) instructions, drive-on boat lifts and systems by Jet Dock will be as easy -- if not easier -- to navigate than mooring into a wet slip or driving on to a boat trailer. And the results are far superior -- no lines, fenders, bumpers, fouling or corrosion.

Jet Dock's multi-float design uses patented "Sequential Flex Technology"™ ("SFT") not found or available in our competitors. See U.S. Pat. #5,529,013 (USPTO website), #5,682,833 (USPTO website) and other US and International patents at the U.S. Patents website. Our drive on docks feature floats with varied buoyancies and flexible connections between them that allow the docking system to flex down beneath the water during drive on, and return to the surface once the weight of the craft moves forward on the dock. The result is a drive on process that is smooth and consistent, and avoids undue stresses on your existing dock structure or seawall.  

Your Jet Dock drive-on boat lift will also make launching your watercraft safe and easy. For personal watercrafts, simply lift gently at the stern of your craft and slide it seaward. The PWC dock flexes down and your PWC launches gradually. Dinghies and other small boats are launched in the same fashion. For medium sized boats, use the Jet Dock winch-assist launching system which comes standard with your Jet Dock boat class system. For larger boats between about 24 feet and 50 feet in length, Jet Dock's Airlift Docking systems raise and lower the stern of your craft for simple launching and docking.

No matter what kind of watercraft you have, Jet Dock drive-on docking and boat lift systems are the simplest and most reliable to use!

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