Boat Mooring System Accessories and Parts

The JetDock floating boat lift system allows you to store your boat out of the water, even when the water level is shallow or fluctuating. Ensure that your boat lift is secure and stable with our Mooring Parts. While your JetDock will come with all of the parts needed, you may need an add-on or replacement part on occasion. Browse the available items below, and contact us for more information or to order a new part for your boat lift or floating dock system.

Tide Manager System - A necessity for mooring your JetDock to a fixed structure (seawall or stationary dock) in fluctuating waters. The system is available with 12’ (A221) or 21’ (A225) poles. The mooring system includes two 2’’ diameter galvanized steel poles with pvc casings, caps, mounting bracket, and hardware. (#A221)
Tide Manager Stand - Alone Cube (Black or Beige) - A machined cube with a sleeve and flange which allows a user to moor a JetDock in place when no mooring structure is available. Used in conjunction with the Tide Manager Pole, it provides an easy way to moor your JetDock in shallow water. Pole not included. (Black - #K011 or Beige - #K012)
Deluxe Fender Mooring System - Used to moor a JetDock to an existing floating dock. Includes : two 8'' dia x 20''L fenders, two 48'' lines with connecting hardware, four Wide "D" Shackles, four 3/8'' x 20' Sta-Set lines, four ½ drop anchors, and four stainless steel eyebolts. (#A207)
Masonry Mount Hardware System - Used in conjunction with Tide Manager mooring pole(s) as a spacer between concrete substrates. Includes two predrilled synthetic wood interface blocks (4''x 4''x 8'') and stainless steel mooring hardware. Also available in angled blocks (A233) for angled seawalls or docks. (#A232)
Aluminum Extension Bracket - A marine grade aluminum bracket that can be attached to a seawall or stationary dock in areas where the water rises above the existing structure. Allows the JetDock to move above the seawall or stationary dock while remaining securely moored into place. Includes aluminum bracket, mounting hardware, and synthetic wood interface (not shown). (#A251)
Standard Fender - Used to fend off a JetDock from an existing floating dock or to fend off craft alongside the JetDock. Includes one 8''dia x 20 L'' fender, one 48'' line with connecting hardware. (#A205)
Wide "D" Shackle with Tuck Point Fastener - A component that can be secured to the perimeter of a JetDock and be used as a mooring line connection point or for a secure tie off point for watercraft. (#A270)
Tide Manager Caps - Replacement caps for Tide Manager Poles. Includes caps and hardware. (#A910)
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