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5 Big Advantages to a Pontoon Boat

When it’s time to choose the right kind of boat for your lifestyle, there are several things to consider. It’s important to understand the experience level that is required with certain watercrafts as well as affordability and ease of use.

Pontoon boats should always be part of the conversation when choosing what kind of boat to purchase. Among the different kinds of watercrafts on the market today, a pontoon boat can be the ideal choice for just about any boater. Here are 5 advantages of buying a pontoon boat compared to other watercrafts.

Ample Storage

Because pontoon boats are more spacious than a traditional watercraft, it makes storing important items much easier. If you choose to boat during the fall and into the colder months, it’s inevitable that passengers are going to bring jackets, blankets, and other bulky items. On top of these, you always need extra life vests, snacks, an extra pair clothes, an ice chest, and the rest of your safety equipment. Small power boats simply don’t have the square footage to store important equipment and accommodate more than two people without feeling like your stuck in a  sardine container. A pontoon boat on the other hand, gives you the space you need for extra people and and extra essentials, usually seating a minimum of 11 passengers.

Beginner and Family Friendly

Pontoon boats are the ultimate beginner friendly watercraft. Regardless of your experience, a pontoon is extremely easy to use and maintain. It features a stable platform and controls that are a cinch to master. Because of the sheer weight, pontoon boats are easy to drive and handle, making them unlikely to flip.

Pontoon boats are also great for families with small children. Because pontoons are so spacious, this gives small children the freedom to walk about the boat without “getting in the way.” Older kids can also invite their friends aboard, still leaving plenty of room for everyone’s gear and a make for a more enjoyable trip all around.

Cheaper to Insure

Typically, pontoon boats are less expensive than a power boat, making them cheaper to insure. Pontoon boats under $30,000, can be as little as $20-$30 a month for good insurance coverage. They can also be much cheaper to fix when an accident does occur, making them more appealing to insurance companies. Even a pontoon boat with a souped up engine can carry a cheaper insurance policy than that of a typical power boat when you’re using it for recreational use.

Easy to Dock

Trying to dock your boat can be a stressful experience but with a pontoon boat, it doesn’t have to be. Because pontoons are easy to drive, they’re also easy to dock. The ideal boat lift is low profile, making it easy to drive onto without backing in and even easier to launch from. You’ll still need to practice docking, but a pontoon is the best way to master the art form.

Long Lifespan

Unlike ski boats, pontoons don’t change much, so there isn’t a need to always upgrade to the latest and best model. Pontoons have a timeless design and are often much more customizable after purchase, making them more appealing for long-term use. For this fact alone, pontoons can last well into the next generation of your family when taking care of properly.

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