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Maintaining your Pontoon Boat with the Help of a Boat Lift

Owning a pontoon boat is an experience that more and more boat enthusiasts are taking part in. With their ease of operation, powerful performance, ability to hold multiple passengers, and big deck perfect for entertaining, the pontoon boat makes for the ultimate craft for partying and enjoying life on the water. It is of no surprise that pontoon boats are making up one of the fastest growing segments in the boat industry with over 800,000 pontoon boats registered in 2011 according to the US Coast Guard

Boat Lifts help with Pontoon Boat Maintenance

Maintaining your Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats belong in the multi-hull category of boats due to their design of two pontoons serving as the boat’s hulls and a main platform serving as the deck. Much like with other types of boats, maintenance of a pontoon boat includes a lot of preventative measures to keep the boat from experiencing damage and corrosion. Some preventative measures include:

  • Regularly checking pontoons for dents and holes
  • Keeping your boat covered when not in use to avoid sun damage
  • Cleaning algae and other build-up off of the bottom of your pontoon boat
  • Regularly waxing your boat
  • Flushing engine after use if your pontoon boat is used in saltwater

For these reasons and many more, personal watercraft can be a great alternative to your fishing activities.

How a Floating Boat Lift Benefits your Pontoon Boat

Even though pontoons are made to float, docking your pontoon boat with a floating lift can help tremendously with many of these maintenance tasks and in keeping your pontoon boat in great condition. Storing your pontoon boat on a lift rather than just having it docked in the water prevents damaging corrosion, helps keep your boat clean and allows you to spot any damage to the pontoons easier. If there did happen to be any punctures to your pontoons, keeping your boat out of water and on a lift would allow the best chance for any water to drain out of your pontoons, rather than fill up and weigh down your boat. Having a floating pontoon lift also allows you to avoid issues of scraping your pontoons against rocks and the bottom of the body of water you dock on if water level is a typical concern. While it may be okay to just float your pontoon boat in a dock most days, low water levels could make turn this strategy into a costly one. With a floating pontoon lift solution, the surface you dock your boat on rises and falls with the water level - leaving your boat unscathed. Additionally, the lift also serves as a walking platform around your boat, making inspection and cleaning a breeze.

Ready to protect your Pontoon Boat?

If you are one of the many people who enjoy recreational boating on a pontoon boat, consider investing in a floating boat lift designed for a multi-hull boat. Protect your party boat and keep it running for years to come with the maintenance benefits a floating lift offers. Jet Dock offers one of the easiest and most portable multi-hull lift solutions available. Contact us today to protect your investment and make the most of your time on the water.

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