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Floating Boat Dock Kit

So you've done your research, and you've decided that a floating dock kit is right for you. Great choice! Now you just need to decide which floating dock kit to buy.

Let's be honest; since we manufacture floating dock kits, you won't be surprised to learn that we believe Jet Dock kits are the best. (After all, if we didn't, why would we sell them?)

But we don't want you to just trust us blindly. We want you to be informed so you can confidently choose the docking solution that's truly best for you. This article is meant to help you compare apples to apples and decide for yourself.

Factors To Look For In Floating Dock Kits

When you're comparing different brands of floating dock kits, there are some differences you'll see right away. Other differences may be less visible, but they still matter, often a lot. Before you choose, take these factors into consideration.

Ease of Assembly

Chances are you're thinking quite a bit about which floating boat dock kit to choose and how you're going to use it. Don't forget to think about the step in between: getting it put together and in the water.

Do you plan to have your dock professionally installed? Or would you prefer a totally DIY floating dock kit? If you plan on getting professional installation help, is it available through the manufacturer? Who else might you trust to install it?

When you choose Jet Dock, you get 100% DIY floating dock kits that can be assembled in as little as 3 hours with no special tools required. Just bring a socket set and ratchet driver. Everything else you need is provided with your kit.

Initial Customization Options

No two docking situations are exactly alike. Yet some floating boat dock kits are one-size-fits-all. Others let you choose a few of the details, but not the overall configuration. The most customizable floating dock kit brands will actually let you order the exact size and shape you need for your waterfront and watercraft.

If you're not sure exactly what setup you need, try this boat slip finder, which walks you through a few simple questions and then recommends a solution based on your answers.


Just as upfront customization is important, so is flexibility later on. That's one major reason to look into modular floating dock kits. That way you can always reconfigure your dock into a different shape or even add pieces to make it larger.

But why would you change your dock later, you ask? While you may have no plans to make a major change now, your floating dock will (or at least should) last a lot longer into the future than anyone can predict. Boats don't last forever, and neither do other circumstances. In a few years, you could find yourself with a whole different boat, or maybe additional watercraft. Or maybe you'll have moved to an entirely different waterfront. Whatever happens, modular floating dock kits like Jet Dock kits give you the most room to adapt and expand as needed.


This point goes hand in hand with modularity, partly because modular floating dock kits tend to be the most portable. This can be helpful for many unforeseen circumstances, such as changing your residence or even needing to move your watercraft out of the path of an oncoming storm. Or, on a lighter note, maybe you just want the flexibility to dock your boat in a different body of water from time to time. It's an option you may not think you need, but if you ever do, you'll be glad you have it. Jet Dock modular floating dock kits ensure you always have that option.

Proven Design

Just as you would with any major purchase, you'll want to choose a floating dock kit brand that has been around long enough to prove its quality. Look around to find out when a brand was founded, what accreditations it has, how it's rated and whether its designs are patented. This can help you figure out if a brand is legitimate and trustworthy, or if it's a cheap "knock-off." If it's an imitation, use caution; it's probably cheaper for a good reason, and not one you want to find out firsthand.

Jet Dock has been in business for more than 25 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The brand is also a member of the National Safe Boating Council and the National Marine Manufacturers Association, and holds seven U.S. patents for its designs.

Expert Support

Make sure someone knowledgeable will be available to help you, not only when you're shopping for floating dock kits but also after you've made your purchase. If you run into questions assembling, using or caring for your floating dock kit, who will you call? Is the contact information readily available? Does the brand's technical support team actually understand the products well? If you can't find a phone number or you get stuck talking to someone with little firsthand knowledge of the product, that's a red flag.

To make your experience as convenient as possible, Jet Dock's contact information is always readily available. You can call us directly to speak with a knowledgeable representative, or you can request to have a Jet Dock dealer get back to you. We also have a live chat option on our website, so you can connect with an expert in whichever way is best for you.


After all this sorting through different floating dock kits and finally making a purchase, you obviously want your choice to last. Many options will claim low maintenance and durability, but don't take that claim at face value. Investigate whether the company will back it up. Despite their manufacturers' bold promises, some floating dock kits are only under warranty for a few years. Jet Dock floating dock kits, on the other hand, come with a virtually unheard-of lifetime limited warranty.

Choose A Floating Dock Kit With Confidence

Now that you're armed with some important points to consider, dare to compare Jet Dock floating dock kits with other brands. You'll find we have the most versatile, high-quality floating dock kits for sale, along with fantastic customer service. But don't take our word for it. Look around or reach out, and see for yourself.

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