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Floating Docks and Floating Walkways

Our floating docks and walkways are modular and portable, available in any shape, size or design. Our docks work in deep water, shallow water or even no-water conditions.

Interchangeable floating walkway system

A modular floating walkway system means that a T shaped dock today can easily become a U shaped dock tomorrow. Widening or lengthening your JetDock floating walkway system is simple. Configuration changes can be made with a simple tool kit - no power tools or special skills required. And all JetDock boat lifts and docking systems come with all necessary connecting devices and cleats you'll need. Create a custom floating walkway system design for your specific needs.

Portability of a floating dock

Our floating docks are also portable. Take your JetDock investment with you when you move! Portability allows you to move your floating dock and store it during the off season or bad weather. For tranquil ice conditions, leave your JetDock in place all winter! Modular, portable, maintenance free and easy to use. JetDock’s floating docks are the best marine investment money can buy!

No slip floating dock surface

Traditional docks can be slippery and can deteriorate over time, creating a difficult surface to safely walk on. JetDock’s patented floating dock has a unique non-skid surface to prevent falls and injuries when walking on or exiting your watercraft. Our floating docks are designed with your safety and usability in mind.

Learn more about Superior Boarding & Access.

Conventional Floating Walkway

The Conventional Floating Dock features a modular design that can be rearranged to create any size walkway. It measures 10’ by 10’, simply designed, and easy for creating multiple mooring locations for your watercrafts.

L-Shape Floating Walkway

L shaped floating walkway by JetDock
Design your floating walkway in any size. The L-shape design is pre-assembled but is modular and changeable to fit your needs. The L-shape Floating Dock provides a large amount of space for multiple watercrafts in a variety of sizes.

U-Shape Floating Walkway

U shaped floating walkway by JetDock
Featuring a no-skid surface, the U-Shape Floating Walkway gives you ample space to create a dock that fits the needs of you and your PWC. Our U-Shape Floating Walkway offers a modular design that is changeable and portable, so you can add and remove to your dock as needed. The U-Shape Floating Dock helps protect your boat from other boats on the water, while providing enough space for additional mooring locations for other PWC’s.

T-Shape Floating Walkway

T shaped floating walkway by JetDock
Designed for boat owners that want to utilize one floating dock for two different watercrafts. The T-Shape Floating Dock gives you the freedom to have separate loading and unloading areas for your PWC with one streamline design. It’s completely modular, changeable, and portable for your convenience.

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