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Manufacturer of Quality Boat Lifts and Docking Systems

Jet Dock Systems manufactures a wide range of boat lifts and drive-on docking systems. Our headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our drive-on system is a modular, floating drive-on dry lifting system which makes existing boat lift technology obsolete. Fully portable, modular, changeable, the Jet Dock lifts for boats will work in deep water or shallow water, salt water or fresh, tides, current even waves.

We manufacture sizes from a single Jet Ski lift or Sea Doo up to a large outboard boat lift. What was once a chore is now easy. Jet Dock makes owning and operating all types of watercraft so much easier that Jet Dock owners report dramatically increased use of their crafts. In fact, those owners stimate that they use their craft at least 3 times more after purchasing a drive-on dry docking boat lift system. It's safe, convenient and easy to use.

Each dock / boat lift comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, virtually unheard of in the marine environment. The Lifetime Limited Warranty means that as long as you own the dock, we guarantee the Jet Dock module. We will gladly assist you with any issues that may arise. Should you sell the dock or buy used Jet Dock material, be advised that the warranty is non-transferable. The Jet Dock's warranty is specific to the configuration required by the original craft it was intended for. Using the dock for a craft other than that specified during the original purchase could void the warranty. Consult with a qualified Jet Dock representative should your craft, boat lift or dry-docking needs change.

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The Jet Dock System and its assembly, designs and configurations depicted throughout this web site are protected by seven U.S. Patents, including U.S. Patent #5,529,013, #5,682,833, #5,931,113, #5,947,050, #6,431,106, #6,526,902, and #6,745,714. There are also pending United States and International patents. For more information on licensing and/or patent infringement clarification, please contact Jet Dock Systems, Inc.

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