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How to Tie a Boat to a Dock - Preparation

So your boat is secure, it's essential to tie it properly to the dock. Start by looking at the location of the boats around you and the environmental conditions. All of those things can factor into the process.

For instance, you'll want to have stern lines to secure the boat. You'll also want to have spring lines to control movement. Just like it sounds, those fender ties help tie up the fenders on the boat. Mainly, make sure you're using the correct bow and dock ties to fit the type of dock you're using. If you're using products like our shallow water boat lifts or floating pwc lifts, purchasing cleats can help. Using something like a cleat hitch will hold your boat firmly to the dock.

When approaching the dock, slow down your speed. Monitoring your speed and position is vital to docking a boat safety. You want to make sure you're not too close to other boats, so make sure you have plenty of room. Wind and water currents can throw your boat off course.

Once you're docked and the engine is off, you're now ready to learn how to tie a boat to a dock. On the side of the boat you're securing, tie each line with tight knots. Work as quickly as possible to avoid any damage.

If you walk down a dock, you'll notice that some cleats are tied very strangely. To keep your boat safe and looking like a pro is handling it, make sure your knots are tied right. Basically, you can start at the base of the cleat that is the farthest away from the load. Wrap around the base and then over the top of the cleat. After you go over the cleat, go under the horn that you started around. You'll then need to go over the top of the cleat again.

On the second horn, put a half hitch around it. To form the half hitch, put an underhanded turn in the line and put the new loop around the next horn. Note that if two weather hitches are tied, it can be very difficult to untie and the line could get jammed on the cleat. A cleat that is jammed is a seriousboat safety problem, so be careful! There are 5 types of boating knots here you can look at. Examine these knots so you can form a smooth and properly tied knot to keep you and your boat safe.

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