Fishing Tournaments: Calling All Great Lakes Anglers!

Are you an experienced angler that is eagerly awaiting to participate in fishing tournaments? We pulled together a list of some of the top upcoming fishing contests in the Great Lakes Region that you could compete in. Listed below are some popular Great Lakes tournaments scheduled in the next four months:

Great Lakes Largemouth Series: This tournament series has numerous fishing competitions in the waters of Lake Erie and the Detroit River. What many people don't know is that these areas are considered two of the best bass fisheries in the world. If you're an avid bass angler you need to sign up for this popular tournament!

o Central Lake Erie Division Tournament presented by Knox Marine - 04/27/2014

o Central Lake Erie Division Tournament presented by Knox Marine - 06/29/2014

o Presque Isle Division Tournament presented by Sheetz - 06/29/2014

o Detroit River / Lake St. Clair Tournament Division - 06/29/2014

King of the Lake Tournament: This fishing competition has been around for 15 years and continues to gain more and more popularity. With multiple tournaments in the Ontario area running at various times in the year, this tournament has many competitions to choose from. 

o Spring Season Tournament - 04/25, 04/26, 04/27 

o Wilson harbor Invitational - 06/10/2014

o 2014 Spring King of Kings Tournament - 07/14/2014

Ludington Offshore Classic: This tournament series was founded by the Ludington Area Charterboat Association and the Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce. It includes five different tournaments off the shores of Michigan designed for different levels of fishing experience and types of angling.

o "Ruboy" Thursday Shoot-Out - 07/18/2014

o Bud Light Ladies Pro/Am - 07/18/2014

o Pro/Am Tournament - 07/19/2014 and 07/20/2014

o Fish Hawk Big Fish Tournament - 07/19/2014 and 07/20/2014

EPSFA Tournament Circuit: The 2014 Erie, PA Sport Fishing Association Tournament circuit is a fantastic series that features a variety of different fishing challenges. 

o Spring Trout Challenge - 04/19/2014

o Walleye Challenge - 04/19/2014

Whatever tournament you decide to enter, make sure your boat is tournament ready with a clean hull and prop. This ensures you can cut through the water to get to the best fishing locations. To be prepared this year we suggest investing in a floating boat lift for your watercraft. Our boat lifts will give your more time on the water to practice and less time cleaning and preparing your boat for the upcoming fishing competitions. 


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