Jet Dock Delivers New Docking Systems to Commander Riverine Group One

In August 2008, Jet Dock delivered a 42 ft. Performance Series Floating Boat Dock and two 35 ft. Performance Series Floating Boat Dock to Commander Riverine Group One.

The 42 ft Performance Series Dock is the second used by Commander Riverine Group One for dry-docking a 24,000 lbs. Riverine Patrol Boat, or RPB.  The docking system is 46' 8" long, 18' 4" wide and is the second commercial application of Jet Dock's four valve/four pontoon lifting system.  The 35 ft Performance Series Docks are used for dry docking 20,000 lbs. Riverine Assault Boat, or RAB.  The docking system is 40' long and 18' 4" wide.


In addition to the dry-docking system, the Riverines purchased multiple wet slips for their location.  Based on the varying craft that the Riverines will be using at this site, they needed the flexibility of the wet slips.  By combining the two Jet Dock interfaces at one location, the Riverines are now ready for any craft or training exercise they may have.

The RPBs are 40 ft. long, and RABs are 33ft long; both jet driven craft designed for river combat.  These vessels are operated by Navy Riverine Detachments trained specifically for river patrols in combat zones.


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