Winterizing Your Boat Lift

When we see the first signs of fall and winter, the leaves falling, waking up to frost on our lawn, seeing our breath in the evenings when we're outside, it means that another reality of seasons changing is close at hand, that it is time to winterize your boat for the season.

For all of the fun time that you have spent out on your boat this season, you know that if you don't properly winterize it, it's going to lead to even more maintenance next season when it's time to take it out again. An equally important piece of maintenance that is often overlooked is winterizing your boat lift in order to extend its life as well.

Of course, if you had a Jet Dock boat lift, you wouldn't have to do nearly as much maintenance as a non-Jet Dock lift requires, but even still, these are good recommendations in order to ensure that you don't have to worry too much about what maintenance needs to be done when spring rolls around.

First and foremost, make sure that you check your lift at the end of each season. There's nothing easier you can do other than taking a quick look at your boat lift to see if there are any worn parts.

Next, check cables for any sort of fraying, this isn't necessary with a Jet Dock boat lift, but you get the point.

Secure the lift in case of storms over the winter, or if you have a Jet Dock lift, simply take it out of the water for the season.

Check any components of the boat lift that may have become worn over the past several months of use.

If your lake is prone to freeze over the winter, you are definitely going to want to remove it for the winter. With a Jet Dock boat lift this is incredibly simple, with other boat lifts you may want to check with the local marina or wherever it may be that you dock your boat as to what the protocol for removing a boat over the winter months is.

Try to dismantle your boat lift as little as possible when storing it for any significant amount of time. Make sure that all small hardware is stored together and in a place that will be easy to find when it comes time to get back out on the lake in the winter.  

Remember, if you have a Jet Dock boat lift, hardly any of this maintenance is necessary aside from the few things mentioned above. If you're looking for a boat lift that is easy to take care of that will also make sure that winterizing your boat over all is easy, check out Jet Dock's boat lifts and jet ski lifts today.


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