What to Remember When Using a PWC Lift

While being out on the water in the sun can be a great time, there are several things to keep in mind when wrapping up your Jet Ski excursion.

First and foremost, remember to keep an eye on your fuel level while zipping around on the lake. No one wants to be stranded in the middle of the water, likely without a cell phone or way to communicate with land. Not only is it a pain to tow someone back to a Jet Ski dock, but you'll likely be left with a sunburn to prove you ran out of fuel at an inconvenient time.

Once you are securely on your way back, you will want to approach the dock at a lowered speed. Most docks are in a "no wake" zone, which means you're going to have to idle in. This is good because idling is about as fast as you want to go prior to reaching the dock.

Remember to approach the dock as straight on as possible, give yourself about 100 feet during your approach; this will give you enough time and space to make any adjustments.

Now you will want to align the front of your Jet Ski and the angle of its draft with the angle of the dock or Jet Ski lifts, depending which one you're docking at.

Speed up ever so slightly within 10 feet of the dock in order to gain enough momentum to bring the front of your PWC up onto the lift.

Cut the engine once the chassis of your Jet Ski has cleared the water.

Jet Ski docking is fairly simple, especially when other people are around to help you. Keep in mind that the key to docking any craft is trusting that you can use your momentum to your advantage. Jet Dock has created a patented product that helps with docking your Jet Ski (or Jet Skis) so that nearly everyone can dock, without harming the Jet Ski or PWC Lift.

Need a visual? Check out our information video for a Jet Ski dock drive-on.


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