Lake Erie Has a Growing Blue-Green Algae Problem

For years, Lake Erie has been susceptible to excessive amounts of pollution threatening the existence of marine life, swimming, and boating. In fact, in the 1960s the whole lake was proclaimed dead because most of the aquatic species deceased due to phosphorous pollutants. Ironically, phosphorous was causing an excessive growth of blue-green algae which destroyed the marine ecosystem and the boating lifestyle.

Recently, scientists have claimed that blue-green algae in Lake Erie is likely to flourish due to increased phosphorous pollution and environmental changes. This type of algae is a huge problem for watercrafts and boats because it stains boat hulls, clogs boat motors, and suspends rubbish in the water. Also, algae has been known to accelerate boat corrosion.

We know that many marine scientists and officials are taking initiatives to gradually solve this growing problem. However, a Jet Dock boat lift can resolve the effects algae and other pollutants have on your watercraft instantly by completely lifting it out of the water. Our boat lifts ensure that your watercraft will be free from being subjected to the corrosive environment of the water. This could save both the time and money from having to clean and repaint your boat.


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