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Fly Fishing 101

Which Fly Fishing Rod is Best for You?

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Fly fishing is often regarded as a difficult style of angling to master. Like jigging, trolling
and lining; fly fishers use a variety of lures and equipment to catch the right species of fish. While learning the ideal lures to fish with is important, choosing the right rod is extremely vital. So, today I am feeling gracious enough to explain to you which fly fishing rod you should be using.

Overall, the amount of skill increases directly with the stiffness of the fly rod. Fly rods can be classified into the four main groups listed below.

  • Fast action
  • Moderate-fast action
  • Moderate action
  • Slow action

Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod

A fast action fly fishing rod is usually built with much less flexibility when compared to other rods. This enables the angler to make longer more precise casts. However, using this rod is very difficult and takes a ton of practice to master. Once mastered, you can be certain you will reel in larger monsters even in the most frightful weather conditions.

Moderate-Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod

The moderate-fast action fly fishing rod is easier to use than a fast action rod with a bit more flexibility to switch fishing techniques depending on the situation. The slightly deeper action provides the angler with versatility while delivering the performance an angler needs. The rod also offers the angler with protection from line breaks allowing the hook to be easily set.

Moderate Action Fly Fishing Rod

A moderate action or medium action rod is considered the most versatile type of rod offering a notch of stiffness with a good degree of flexibility. When casting, the top of the rod will bend while the bottom half will remain stiff for greater control and accuracy. Overall, the rod is a great choice for beginners providing an accurate and controllable cast.

Slow Action Fly Fishing Rod

The slow action fly fishing rod is ideal for narrower bodies of water like streams and rivers because of its short casting ability. The slow action rods have the greatest degree of flexibility along the whole shaft allowing inexperienced anglers to have control of their casts. Ideal for small fly lures and nymphs, these rods can offer new fly fishing anglers with slow line speed enabling them to focus on their cast. This rod is not ideal for fishing in windy conditions.

So, there you have it - the four most popular types of fly fishing rods. Depending on your skill level, each rod provides certain benefits to the angler. However, even if you are the best fast action fly fisher on the planet, you are still making a crucial mistake by not investing in a boat lift or dock from Jet Dock. Some of the best spots to fly fish aren’t on the banks but rather in the heart of the lake. So, keep your boat clean and ready to launch for your next fly fishing excursion.

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