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Winterizing Your Vacation Home

Winter can be a great time to spend indoors, with friends and loved ones, staying warm and filling your time until Spring comes once again. Winter is also a time of harsh weather and conditions that can take its toll on any home, especially ones that are not lived in year round. Make sure that the next time you travel to your vacation home it's still in tip-top shape so that you can relax and enjoy the warm weather once again.

1) Clean your gutters. Gutters that are filled with debris all winter long can lead to drainage problems in the early spring when the temperature's thaw.

2) Prune trees around your property. Limbs and branches that become overwhelmed with the weight of ice throughout the winter can fall and damage your property, make sure they are trimmed and clean before winter hits.

3) Drain all outside hoses and cover faucets in order to prevent damage when they inevitably freeze.

4) Store all outside furniture and equipment that you don't want to have subjugated to the harsh winter elements.

5) Consider purchasing a Jet Dock boat lift for your vacation home. Storing a boat all winter long can be expensive, Jet Dock offers a static boat lift for all climates. Our drive on boat lift can save you time and money and help you get out on the water once again when the weather breaks.

6) Clean out your vacation home's refrigerator thoroughly so as to prevent coming back to a home with spoiled food in the kitchen.

7) Turn off your main water line in order to prevent freezing or any other sort of damage that may occur while you are away for quite some time.

8) Turn off phone lines and all elecricity to prevent unwanted charges and to protect from heavy snowfall that could bring down powerlines.

9) Notify the postal service of your extended absence so you don't miss out on any important deliveries.

Hopefully with these tips, along with advice sought out from professionals in the area, winterizing your home can be easy to execute in no time at all.

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