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Types of Powerboats & Their Benefits

After the turn of the century, the characterization of powerboat styles was seemingly much more difficult due to the ability of boat manufactures to construct watercrafts for specific boating lifestyles. In other words, there are now shallow water boat lifts and boats intended for shallow water fishing while there are other designs made for overnight stays on the water. This resulted in a variety of powerboats designed for specific purposes and applications.

If you are in the powerboat shopping process, the experts here at Jet Dock decided to make your life easier by providing a list of the most popular types of powerboats and their functional benefits for your lifestyle.

Bay Boat

Bay boats are typically 18’ -24’ in length and designed with a low shape for large bays, lakes or estuaries. These inshore crafts are also fabricated using fiberglass because they are typically used in salt water. This watercraft normally has no inner liner with a few storage boxes and painted with a non-skid material.

Bass Boat

Bass boats are characterized as having low freeboard and equipped with enough gear to catch bass and other panfish. This watercrafts usually feature swivel chairs to enable the angler to cast from any direction around the boat. Some well-equipped bass boats even have a live well to store live, caught fish. Overall, these boats are usually 14’ to 23’ in length and can be stocked with outboard and trolling motors.


Bowriders are a very popular choice among boaters who simply enjoy everything the water has to offer. These watercrafts are usually 17’ to 30’ in length and are designed with extra seats forward of the helm. Powered by either an outboard or stern drive engine, this family boat can be used for just about any water activity.


Cruisers are incredible boats designed with a cabin in the bow of the boat equipped with berths, a galley and an enclosed head. These watercrafts are typically 21’ to 45’ in length and are intended for overnight stay and long trips across water.

Deck Boat

Deck boats are designed with a wide-open deck making them the perfect family or party watercraft. Built with performance stern drive or outboard engines, these watercrafts usually offer the power you need for water sports such as tubing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, etc. These boats are generally 25’ to 35’ long and feature a V-shaped hull offering more performance than your typical pontoon boat.

Whatever powerboat you decide to choose, ensure that you keep your baby lookin’ good with a boat lifts or boat dock from Jet Dock. Our boat lifts will raise your powerboat completely out of the water preventing maritime corrosion and fouling. Contact us today if you would like to have more fun on the water and less time maintaining your powerboat!

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