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    JetDock PWC Lifts

The Perfect Solution for Jet Ski Business Owners

Are you thinking about starting a Jet Ski rental business? Perhaps you are seasoned in the business, but you’re looking for a way to improve the care of your watercraft. No matter what stage of the business you are in, you need to learn about the benefits of a Jet Dock PWC Lift.

Improve the Experience on the Water

Our PWC Lifts use drive on docking technology that makes it simple to take your personal watercraft in and out of the water. When docking on a Jet Dock PWC Lift, you can expect an easy to use, seamless experience for yourself or your customers. Our PWC Lift leaves enough walk around space that the rider can get on and off of the device just as easily.

Improve the Maintenance of Your Jet Ski(s)

Starting a Jet Ski rental business means that you will be investing a lot of money into your main asset: the Jet Ski itself. If you want to keep your main asset looking and performing at its best, would you leave it in the water and allow it to become victim to hull delamination or PWC intake fouling? At Jet Dock we know that you don’t want to have to deal with either of those issues, and we created our PWC Lift to prevent just that.

When you dock jet skis on one of our lifts, they will stay dry and out of the water when they aren’t in use. While these watercrafts are meant to be used in the water, they aren’t meant to be stored in the water forever! Instead, protect them and keep them dry with a Jet Dock PWC or jet ski lift. In addition, our lifts are always ready to use- regardless of water level which means you’re still in business and your watercraft is still protected no matter how the tide is turning.

As a jet ski business, you’re sure to have more than one watercraft under your belt,and Jet Dock has the best docking solution for you. Our double PWC lifts have a design that allows for multiple jet skis to be docked together. We also have solutions for Two & Three passenger PWC’s, Stand Up PWCs, and In Line PWC’s.

Let us make the hard things simple for your business. When it comes to boarding, launching, and dry-docking your PWC’s, the Jet Dock solution will help to maintain your watercraft so that they stay beautiful and functional longer than they would on a traditional dock. Contact us today to learn more about how our PWC lifts can benefit your jet ski business.

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