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How to Trailer a Boat

A boat trailer is a perfect way to haul your boat to your storage area for the winter or to your next waterway. However, if you don’t know the proper steps and safety precautions to take when trailering your boat, your trip could end in a disaster. So, follow our simple steps below to ensure you safely haul your boat from one place to the next:

1. Before you decide to take your boat to your next destination ensure that your trailer is working properly. You should make sure your bearings are greased, all of your trailer lights are working and your tires are adequately inflated. In addition, make sure that all your hitch components are the same size and fit together correctly.

2. You should also do a double take and make sure the coupler and safety chains are all safely secured and fasteners are tightened.

3. Next, ensure that the boat is properly tied down to the trailer on the sides and back. The winch line that holds the boat to your trailer does not count. You should have tie downs securing the back and the sides of the boat to the trailer.

4. Double check your wheels after the boat is securely attached to the trailer. Make sure the load is within the maximum load carrying capacity and that the tires are properly inflated. Again, test the trailer lighting and ensure the bearings and lug nuts are tight. When doing this, check the local and state requirements regarding your brakes and trailer regulations.

5. Finally, before you hit the road make sure to carry plenty of spare parts including a spare tire, bearings, light bulbs, lug nuts, etc.

6. If you are hauling your boat over long distances, we recommend taking frequent breaks to ensure that your bearings are adequately greased. If your bearings are extremely hot to the touch, you could be close to a bearing failure.

7. If you are putting your boat in the water make sure you take your time backing down the launch ramp. We suggest waiting at least 10 minutes before even backing down the ramp to ensure all of your trailer parts cool off. This will prevent the metal from cracking in the cool water.

8. You need to pull the trailer light plug out before backing the trailer into the water. Once the boat has been released into the water, make sure to reconnect the trailer light plug.

9. Lastly, make sure to rinse your trailer if you dunked it in saltwater. Salt water will eat away at the metal.

Now you are ready to take your boat from one destination to the next. If you’re launching your boat, make sure to invest in a Jet Dock boat lift or dock to keep your boat clean throughout the year!

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