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Boat Lifts for Speed Boats: Dirty Hulls = Decreased Performance

Learn how to increase boat speed with JetDock

There are many boat owners that take drastic measures to try to increase the speed of their boat. From modifying engines with superchargers to swapping propeller blades, speed boating enthusiasts will invest in high-powered, aftermarket performance parts in hopes that their boat will become lightning fast. However, many speed boat owners completely overlook the cleanliness of the bottom of their boat and prop. What does the hygiene of a hull and propeller have to do with the speed of your boat? Well, everything! Watercrafts that constantly sit in the water develop a disgusting coating of slime. This slime increases the weight and drag of your boat making it much slower.

Many boating experts agree that any boat will have a decreased level of performance if the prop and hull are not thoroughly cleaned. In fact, the slightest amount of growth on your prop or bottom of your boat can slow your boat down dramatically and even increase fuel costs. In fact, our research suggests a dirty hull can easily add up to 30% of fuel cost.

While, consistently jumping in the water with your snorkel and sponge is a feasible way to prevent maritime build up. Investing in a ski boat lift will prevent you from ever having to worry about this issue again allowing you to spend more time enjoying your fast watercraft.

Our Universal Competition Ski Boat Docks come with a patented drive-on ramped design that completely lifts your speed or power boat out of the water. This ensures that your boat will not be exposed to the maritime environment, preventing algae and seaweed from sticking to the hull. Our boat docks and lifts also have a non-skid surface safeguarding your boat’s hull from getting scratched in the process of parking your boat on the dock. In fact, our boat docks make cleaning your hull and prop extremely easy because the boat is not completely submerged in the water.

We have a number of different boat dock sizes that fit most dimensions of many speed or power boats. Our boat docks are extremely easy to customize and reshape because of the patented, modular, and changeable configurations. So, you are able to completely expand and customize your ski boat docks to fit the length and width of your boat.

If you are not sure which size or type of ski boat lift is right for you? We can make this process easy with our interactive dock finder. It's as simple as answering a few basic questions about your craft and your site. For fast professional advice, please contact us.

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