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7 creative boats that will leave you speechless

There are plenty “Boat of the Year” contests held all over the world - but what about “Coolest Boat?” We have crawled the vast internet to find contenders that take boating the open water wot a whole new level. Move over powerboats and luxury yachts - these creatively engineered vessels are the new kings of the water.

Yo-ho sing me a song me’ hearty

boat that looks like a guitarVia Oxot 

A giant replica of Josh Pyke’s guitar. Now that is a big guitar. Is that a 6 or a 9 string? It must be difficult to play.

Walk on water

workout with a elliptical boatVia Toxel 

Now you have no excuse not to workout. Combined your love for the water with your hatred of movement and kill two birds with one stone. Because if you don’t, you’re stuck.

Below sea level

see through light weight boat on the waterVia Toxel

See the world in a whole new light with this amazing transparent boat. I hope there aren’tany sharks down there.

Hot tubbin' in style

hot tub boatVia Bless This Stuff 

Why would you want to travel out into the middle of the ocean just to sit in a hot tub boat? Better question is - why wouldn’t you?.

Fighting crime one bat boat at a time

bat boatVia 

Batman occasionally had to hit the high seas in order to catch bad guys. Luckily, they’re aren’t any machine guns on this bad boy.

Zipper up the hoist

zipper boatVia CrookedBrains 

Although there are no winners on this list, this guy gets sprinkles on his ice cream. I’m not sure how anyone can see to navigate this beast, but whatever floats your boat...pun intended

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