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Top 5 Boat Activities to Liven Up Your Time on the Water

Top 5 boat activities by the Cod Father header

I’m The Cod Father (the official boat of Jet Dock), and I know what boat activities are really the best for the family. There’s simply no other way to have fun; besides knocking off fish carrying mercury with my brother Vinny. These boat activities are a sure way to bring even more excitement to your days on the water.

1. Paddlesports

Whether you’re looking for heart-pounding excitement or a peaceful time with nature, this boating activity could be for you. Basically, it’s all about maneuvering a vessel with a paddle through the wavy waters. The two most popular forms of paddlesports are kayaking and canoeing.

Those who want to canoe will need to sit on a seat like it’s a bench. However, there are some models where you’ll need to kneel. For the most part, canoes are open air and require the use of a one-bladed paddle. While kayaking, you sit on the floor with your legs in front, and you’ll use a paddle that has a blade on either side of the shaft.

2. Sailing

Sailing can be a lot of fun. You’ll need to use the fabric (or sail) to control the movement of your boat. To manage the wind, you can change the rig, rudder, keel or centerboard. To become a true expert at sailing (like my crew), you need to experience various wind conditions and be very aware of your surroundings. If you become good enough, you can even attempt to race us.

3. Freshwater Fishing

Yep, fishing can get pretty hardcore. My associates do this on a frequent basis. Our mark is often those fish in the fresh waters, where there is less than 0.05% salinity. This is where numerous fish are located, and we can use various methods to knock them off. Our common targets are salmon, walleye, musky and catfish.

4. Water Skiing

This is a surface water sport, where you’re pulled behind a boat. You’ll be skimming the water while standing on two skis so, make sure you have plenty of room. And in order to have the right balance, you’ll need to have a good amount of body strength. If you get good enough, test your skills against my crew in speed skiing, trick skiing and/or show skiing. We’re awesome, so make sure you’re prepared!

5. Boat Racing

boat racing

This boating activity is just like it sounds. You’ll be racing against another boat. There are many types of boat racing, too – canoe, kayak, dragon boat, rowing, yacht, hydroplane, jet sprint and offshore powerboat.

Choose boat activities that are best suited for you and your lifestyle. These are the five boat activities that I’m recommending. Whatever boating activity you pick, just make sure you apply boating safety into your fun. For instance, you’ll want to make it easier to get off of your boat, so check out something like Jet Dock’s floating boat lifts. Have a question or need more information? Contact your JetDock boat lift dealer today.

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